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New to Nerf - my arsenal so far

My daughter got a Rebelle Rapid Glow blaster for her birthday (I understand it's a dumbed down Retaliator).  Here it is for those that haven't seen one before:

It has a light inside the mag and glow in the dark zebra darts.

So for Christmas I decided to ask Santa for a Retaliator (it was half price, around 15 from Argos):

At first I found the Retaliator to be almost pin-point accurate - now not so much so (perhaps my darts are wearing out?)

Since then my younger son wanted to join in our battles so I got hold of a Jolt from Tesco for 4.50:

Unfortunately both the cocking mechanism and trigger is too difficult for him to use, so I now have this for myself as a backup sidearm.

Now my wife has joined in the wars after we managed to pickup a Strongarm from Tesco for just over 3!

I found the Strongarm to be really hard on the darts, but that might have been because I slam fired it a few times trying it out.  Despite reviews that say otherwise, I also find it to be wildly inaccurate.

Over the weekend we picked up an X-shot Micro for my son for 2.50 - he can't cock this but can at least easily pull the trigger:

The following day we got another for my wife - it was missing all but one dart (it's supposed to come with 6) so we got it for 50 pence!

After Christmas I also picked up a few accessories for my Retaliator, namely the Tactical Light for 2:

I actually bought the Tactical Light with the intention of removing the part which slides onto the tactical rails, and zip tying a laser pen to it for target practice.  However, it doesn't unscrew like I assumed it would and I didn't fancy smashing it open, so I've kept it as is.  It's not the brightest flashlight in the world, but it's sufficient.

A few days later I found the targeting laser at Tesco also for 2:

It's not really a laser (it's actually a light) and at a distance it ends up the size of a tea saucer rather than a pinpoint.  At full price it's a bit crappy so I can understand the negative reviews, but for 2 I can't complain.

I picked up 3 packs of Doomlands darts for 2 each.  I believe these are just orange Elites:

I did find the foam to be a fraction thinner than the blue Elites (maybe by about 1/2mm) and this made me paranoid they weren't as accurate.  However, now I know how easily darts go missing I wish I had picked up more packs of these when I had the chance (especially when you see a lot of shops selling 30 darts for amost 10).

I also got 4 packs of X-Shot darts for 2.50 each:

Sadly these are not reliable in the Retaliator - sometimes they're OK, other times they either lose range quickly, or veer off wildly.   I think this is because they're shorter than Elites.  However, in the Strongarm they work perfectly, since the Strongarm isn't accurate anyway, and you can push them all the way into the barrel.  So these 120 darts are reserved just for the Strongarm and X-shot Micros.

And finally, I also picked up the Flip Clip for 12 - not especially cheap, but cheaper than a lot of places sell it for:

I now give my daughter the original clip from the Retaliator so we both start with around 24 darts each per game (instead of 12).  Well, actually, 25 because the Retaliator has an extra dart hidden in the handle Smile

Welcome to Britnerf, it starts like your post above and ends with a garage full of toy blasters. Don't say we didn't try to warn you!

Re: New to Nerf - my arsenal so far

NerfNoob wrote:
(perhaps my darts are wearing out?)

Likely culprit here. Eventually the dart foam will wear down, leading to a worse air-seal, and more importantly the dart warping, darts can also become damaged by the operation of some blasters much to the same effect. This leads to inaccuracy, and occasionally jams on some blasters.

You may find aftermarket darts a cheaper alternative, although be warned of the much maligned "Full Vinyl Jacket", it's solid tip is less safe, and definitely something to consider when using with kids.

If you want good darts for using at home Gen 3 Koosh are very good, with excellent tip glue and foam. Honeycomb X Tip waffles are also really good at half the price of koosh but are a little heavier and have occasional tip glue failure.
Ignore Nerf brand darts, they are expensive and not as good as either of these.

Yeah, it starts small and innocent, and quickly become all consuming.

After 3 months of being involved with Nerf, here's the collection my partner and I have amassed

There was a Hammershot on the work bench when the shot was taken, and two Doublestikes already added since the photo was taken, with a second Hammershot in the post.

This doesn't include the huge tub of accessories or the huge tub of mags, or all the various darts and odds and sods that have accumulated in a very short space of time.

I really want to add a Slingfire to this lot at some point. Just because.

Hi, my name is Treezy, and I have a Nerf problem....

There was one piece of equipment I forgot to include Smile

Got a couple of pairs from the pound shop.

Welcome to Britnerf NerfNoob and thanks Treezy, relieved to see I'm not the only one who went a bit crazy buying blasters in first few months lol

Everyone does it. It becomes a bit of a weird itch. Then you sort of mellow out and figure out what works best for you. Eventually you thin down and keep only what you use. After 6 years, you've usually got a business, 3 blasters and a tactical vest for every day of the week. Or is that just me? Razz

I found that for my nephew a few years ago when he wasn't able to prime a blaster (as he wasn't strong enough) that a speed swarm was perfect for him. It's a front loader so no messing with mags/clips and it has a battery powered trigger so no manual priming. Not sure the cost of these now but I believe Home Bargains had the Rebelle style version quite cheap recently?

OldNoob wrote:

Thanks, I will bear those in mind. I was cautious of the ones on ebay as I'd read a lot of people received ones with hard tips.


Please cut down your quotes so they're shorter than your reply and only contain the most pertinent information. Thank you. -Boff


Both those are guaranteed soft tipped. There are lots of options discussed on the forum, those two are currently the best IMO, they are what we use as our pool darts for all the major games.

Welcome and enjoy the ride ^_^ Get some storage space ready!

Since my original post my arsenal has increased by way of a Rough Cut, Spylight and another X-Shot Micro. Here's how it stands at the moment:

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