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Non-projectile HvZ game

Just finished running my first HvZ for the local Explorer/Scout group and thought other HvZ enthusiasts might be interested in the variation i devised, especially if you want to play in areas where Nerf (or even sock throwing) might not be workable.

Because we were playing in a local country park and because i didn't want random acts of violence Smile i didn't want to use any projectiles for the game.

So the usual HvZ rules were adapted to introduce the use of Rock/Paper/Scissors as a way of giving the humans a chance to fight back. If a human was tagged they had the choice of either giving up and being nommed, or challenging the zombie to a game.

If the zombie lost the human was given a count of 15 to run - and if the zombie won, another human joined the horde.

As the horde grew in number the human had to win every tag rock/paper/scissor challenge if they were to survive, which nicely dealt with the notion that you can't win against the ever increasing and swarming horde.

The kids loved it (even the reluctant members of the group) and would play again next week - i need a bit more time to plan out and organise some more missions!

And the zombies won - which is as it should be. For teaching kids how to work together, plan, and co-operate it can't be beat  Very Happy

Clever idea! I had never thought of that when I ran non blaster games.

I like it. Wish we'd thought of this when we played HvZ at college. Gives the humans a chance of fighting back and makes the games last a little longer.

It always anuses me when the reluctant kids get involved with "stupid" games. There's always one!

A very interesting idea. However, my worry would be that adults would be able to game the system (whether consciously or unconsciously). Rock, Paper, Scissors is an inherently unbalanced game to the trained eye, as some people who are familiar with psychology and/or body language can win every time by interpreting nonverbal behavioural cues or manipulating their opponent.

In any game there are those who will attempt to cheat and gain any advantage for victory. I doubt all players call all hits (either dart or sock) in a projectile game - in fact I've read about players choosing not to play at night because of the inability to visually check their shots.

Fortunately the kids I was playing with haven't reached the stage where winning at all cost comes above the idea of just having fun.....

old_man_nerf wrote:

Fortunately the kids I was playing with haven't reached the stage where winning at all cost comes above the idea of just having fun.....

That is the key lesson of all good games that we need to remind ourselves of.

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