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Noob Brass Barrel Question.

After plumbing in my new dishwasher, I have a rather large portion of copper piping left that is the perfect fit for a Nerf dart.

Now here's my question.

As far as metals go, brass and copper are different things. Is copper suitable for barrelling and if so, does it have any disadvantages against the more popular brass?

The reason brass is so popular is because it comes in high-tolerance incremental sizes that can also nest to form a pretty good air seal which is useful for breeches but also for telescoped barrels. AFAIK only the outer diameter is strictly controlled (to allow fittings to attach correctly) and as such you'll probably find variances in dart fit along a single length of pipe (much like with PVC/CPVC you'll need to check dart fit with individual lengths of pipe). Brass is actually an alloy of copper and zinc so, in certain respects, they are actually fairly similar. They do, for instance, have comparable coefficients of friction.

15mm copper pipe ID is approx. 13.5mm which is about the same as 9/16" brass. 22mm copper pipe ID is approx. 20mm which is about the same as 25/32" brass. Nerf elite (.50cal) darts are approximately 12.7mm in diameter and Nerf Mega (.75cal) darts are approximately 19.1mm in diameter. YMMV but, based on that, I'd assume UK copper pipe should be OK for barrelling air blasters (or springers if you tighten the back end). Depending on the particular length of pipe, you might even be able to nest 17/32 brass into 15mm copper pipe and you should be fine soldering them together.

Excellent. Thanks for that. Means I'll be keeping the spare copper rather than getting rid.

When I use 15mm copper I like to put tightening rings on it with a rotary pipe cutter where needed, my biggest issue was finding other copper to proprly breech with

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