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Noob questions RE; loadouts

I'm looking to join in on an event pretty much ASAP but I have this feeling I have more gearing up to do before going all do my little brothers (funded by the bank of big bro...they need a better bank) if it helps, I'm 22 and they are 8 and 7 (VERY little brothers) so I would most likely need to take on a "defender" role.

I was just wandering what you guys would call a minimal loadout for various events - and whether or not mods would be needed.

The events I'm looking at currently are Grimup and FDT, if that helps.

as an aside - I have a stock XD rapidstrike that seems to jam alot. is there anything I can pull to sort this out?



As far as load outs go there basically is no rule of thumb of what to have and not to have. But from my personnal experience I also go to GuN and have slowly been building up my loadout. But basically I've been just wearing a pair of combat trousers and using the pockets to carry mags, sidearm etc. Then i expanded and purchased a drop leg side holster for the hammershot and next will be a molle belt and add a 3 x 18 mag case and then go from there.
But ultimately just go and have some fun and have a look at what others are using and go from there.
As far as blasters, mods are nice but not essential but most have a primary blaster and then a secondary for example in my case i run a Rapidstrike also as primary and a holstered hammershot as a secondary and find that serves me well.
For the jamming issue you need to determine where exactly it is jamming and go from there.

hope the above is of some help

This is the link I was given with regards to loadouts but as Dazzle said a pair of combat trousers is a good place to start.
Other to that if you fancy getting a bit more hands on  there's a few videos on YouTube showing how to make tactical gear using not much more than a role of duct tape.

You cant beat a nice wee load out, but to be honest at the FDT events being mobile and able to reload on the fly is more important.
Nice grippy trainers suitable for running up and down wooden ramps,
Combat trousers or old jeans for sliding about in and I like a tech tee shirt to help keep cool.

As for blasters whatever is fun to be honest, mods arent essential there are only a few of us that run modded blasters, its just they're more fun.

However I do favour front loaders over clip fed as your doing lots of dart scavenging and reloading clips will see you out of action.
Turrets are better over blasters with smart AR's in my opinion.

I like, the lawbringer  (spring upgrade or spring spacer mod)
A cut down guardian crossbow and my rebarrelled rotofury.

The daughter uses a rebarrelled cycloneshock as rebarreling really increase performance without the harder priming of a spring upgrade or a little stinger (jolt)

However weve just got an incisor and fearless fire so I can see us going all electric now.

Anyway, back to the main point you'll do fine with whatever you have to be honest. Maybe grab a cheap ebay single point sling. Then check out blastersmiths uk for a good holster, grab a hammershot out of argos. If you make it up to one of the FDT events I usually have a bag with some extra blasters in it you guys can try.

Some people turn up to GuN without even a blaster. Others bring their blaster but nothing else. And the rest bring a variety of tacticool gear made from a wide range of materials including duct tape.

Come and have some fun with whatever you have.

And your brother's will be fine. There are plenty of 7 and 8 year olds running around independently - they soon realise they don't need their brothers/parents protecting them and make some new mates in the process.

As above, you really don't need much to join in games. Yourself, safety specs, a blaster and a sense of fun are the minimum.
The stock RS is a turkey, the only way to stop jamming is to mod it with a whole new loom, ideally better motors and feed it a proper battery.

Thanks for the replies folks.

going on the advice given here:

I think I'll end up running with my rapidstrike as a primary, strongarm as a secondary and the firestrike as a "where did all my darts go?" gun

Meanwhile, my little brothers have strfyes a firestrike each (Modded the stryfe to remove THAT part, took AR out of the firestrike to let it fit darts better) so they should be ok too.

Had a rummage around and found that they have 2 18 clips each and about 10 6 dart clips so they should be pretty set!

I think a roll of duct tape is in order....also eyed up a pair of jean's I haven't worn in years...think I can re-purpose those.

Oh and regarding the "feed it a proper battery" comment...just checked the tray and it has Sony C batteries in at the moment...which probably explains the jamming.

Thanks again guys.

In regards to batteries I'm pretty sure Oldnoob probably meant retire the R/S and use a Lipo battery in the standard battery compartment, YouTube is your friend with plenty of vids showing how to do it.

I wouldn't worry about a war load out until you've done a few and got to grips with the game types, and you own plays type. Players like Andrew at GuN run a light load out because it plays to his speed. I on the other hand go very heavy.

For something like GuN, you want something pretty simple for the younger focused games, most kids run with just a strongarm and can get just as many tags as I can with a modded blaster. A good front loaders that you know how to aim, fire and reload, and a dump pouch for spare darts and dart sweeps is prettyuch all you need.

For the over 13s games at GuN, you want something a bit more special, a resprung EAT or retaliator, or a rewired stryfe with rhinos on 3s, some mag pouches or a battle belt and a holster for a sidearm like a hammershot.


Fixed amusing typo of "i" instead of "o" in "Hammershot" your autocorrect is weird. ON

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