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[WIP] Hooligan Flywheels - Stock Cage & Artefact Red Cag
Meishel 2.0
Hooligan Flywheels
Rhinos on 2s Vs 3S
Revolver Shootout- HS vs 5x5
Artifact motors
Nerf Turf 10kg Vs OMW 7kg+ Test
Longshot Mod Breakdown
The Stock Blaster Data Archive
Modified Blaster Data Archive
Common Nerf Motor Data Sheets- Thanks SSGT!
Hammershot Shootout
Toruk breaks single stage FPS record- again.
Hellcat 180s, Worker Flywheels & 3S LiPo RS
Blasterparts Precision Flywheels Data
"Category 5" HIRricane
Artifact vs OMW Sealed Breech Shootout
Hammershot stock, worker, stock+havokfire, worker+havokfire
Jolt spring test Prochrono data
RS with Dr Snikkas FWC, XP 180 on flywheels
Nerf Rival Zeus - 3S LiPo Data
Fraast- Orange Mod Works "Limited Edition" 7kg
125 fps on 3 AA nimh's and Tamiya motors
Worker & Aluminium Flywheels
Mostly Modulus Mods
Common Nerf Motors Test Data
Zombona's Boomco Data
RIVAL Apollo XV-100
180 Stryfe- Spectre Barrel Performance Test
Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10...
ACC "Nipple" darts vs Koosh Gen 2 Youtoys Blue
MEGA Rotofury Grey Trigger
Blasterparts 8kg - Retaliator Hard Range Kit
Blasterparts ZS Double Strike Spring
Everything Alpha Trooper
Nerf Rebelle 4 Victory
Toruk Sets New Average Record on Tacmod 2.1
Falcon 130 Motors: 3S LiFe and 4S LiPo
Falcon 130 Motors
FK-180-3534 Motors
Koosh Comparative with some Stock Koosh data
Voberry Comparative Data
Demolisher Rockets
Slingfire- Oznerfnerd 7Kg Spring
Elite Alpha Trooper Modification Test
Battery Wars Shootout results
OMW EAT Stage 1 and 2
Stampede Data Discussion
XD Performance vs Elite
Blaster Chrono Readings
Effects of plunger seal (Teflon tape)
Battery Test- opinions sought
New Tests And What Do You Want Next?
"Accuracy" Testing Procedure-Measuring Precision
Nerfshack 10kg BB Longshot
Mega Magnus Blasterparts spring
BB Longshot vs Rapidstrike
Retliator Stage 1-3 Orange Mod Works
Chrono Service Now Open
Orange Mod Works Stage 1&2 Kit for Retaliator
Comparison of 2 Rapidstrike CS-18 motor swaps
Boff's Small Trials Data
Stryfe Supermarket Battery Test!
Hammershot Vs Strongarm
Dart testing Data
Foam Data Services- List of Services
Data Links
The FPS Bragging thread!
Chrono Comparative Test Procedure
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