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Still on the Bench! The unstarted/unfinished project thread!
Zuru X Shot Micro - holy foam flinging hell!!!
Longshot jam door falls open- normal?
Elite Rayven
Chinese Fireflys.
xplorer goodness
$h!ts, Giggles, Lolz and Trolls! Nerf Style.
Which longstrike is worth more?
Foam Data Services and Britnerf feature on Tactical Tag!
Posted this a while back.
FDT YouTube channel now live
What aftermarket darts for kids?
Grey trigger Sonic Ice/Fire Jolts.
Slingfire with 25 Drum
Stampede Gears - Redux
The Nerf Apocalypse! How long will you last?
Ebay madness...
Red FVJ flywheel issues
Alpha Trooper Vs Demolisher!
ZS Longshot- elites/streamlines jam, FJV/koosh fine, ideas?
18rd clear clips on BuyChina
New Rebelle crossbows, more Modulus pics and words
Zombiestrike Biosquad
Holy hobby grade foam balls Batman- New "Rivals"
another retaliator shotgun grip
Save Nerf Vortex Petition
Battery to fit a Rapid Red?
new hammershot spring
The Slingstrike and Blasters that never were!
Elite dart price - when did this happen?
What do you think- Multi Shot Nerf Grenade Launchers?
Using 18650 packs? On account of, I already have the kit
Nerf Thunderblast Leaked on Baidu
Nerf for the kiddies
4 Victory avaiable
Havoc Fire Advice.
HOLY F**KING s**t!!!
New Zombiestrike Doominator
Latest Availability- Argos
Mega Rotofury announced!
crossbolt at argos?
Today's discovery:
Cyclone Shock in stock on
Argos update
So, what do you do with the leftovers?
new rebelle bow for Boff!
Crossbolt release date
Banana clips
Faulty Mags
Overpriced Nerf
Perpetual Play Rebelle Door Hanger thing.
Koosh Darts.
Rebelle Guardian Crossbow issues.
Zombie Strike FlipFury now available in Britain! (+ review)
Toy Fair 2015: Questions
BritNerf Best of 2014
New Zombiestrike announcement next week
Interesting to see a mainstream site review Nerf
Worker Stocks and Mags- got mine!
Appears N-Strike is back with new blasters
A Flipfury unboxing.
Remade Custom dart holder
Nerf Elite Custom 8 dart holder with belt loop
30% off Orange Mod Works Springs.
Nerf Elite XD Blasters.
Flying Nerf Blaster Systems have a new ZS Blaster sneak pic
Sonic Fire Strong Arm at TRU
Something to consider for all who paint Nerf blasters
"New" PP at John Lewis and RC bundle
Orange Mod Works Posts Chrono Data.
Perpetual Play PAK. Worth it for cheap thrills?
Crossbolt and others on amazon UK
Performance Gears for Nerf Stampede Indiegogo campaign
Sharpfire at Bankcroft
ZS flipfury at bankcroft ( Via SBNC)
Modulous attachments- what would people like
Red 5 Pump action shotgun
XD Rapidstrike at Smyths
Stock blasters for Nerf wars
Eye/Face Protection
Nerf tac vest. or ammo pouch and holster
New Boomco
Elite Sledgefire????
more leaks - rebelle now+ crossbolt.
BlasterTECH Products and Services
40 off the Rhino Fire already
Best and Worst of 2014 (this could be short)
slingshock on bankcroft
Nerf Cam ECS-12 has a REDUCED XD Range
This Is My Maverick, There are Millions Like It....
Mega darts in more than 10s
Hammershot Hair-Trigger Incident Reporting.
Something different and kinda cool....
Mega darts
New White SAs at the Entertainer!
Curved 15rnd Mags
Curved mags
Can someone teach Hasbro how to paint?
Perpetual Play Tac Gear Arrives in UK
Blastersmiths Problems
Nerf war tactical gear
Mega Bigshock
Rapidstrike or Mega Centurion?
Alpha Trooper v Elite Alpha Trooper
10 Reasons Why The Stampede Still Rocks
Rhino fire and slingfire at argos
Some new chinese darts
The Cycloneshock.
Nerf wars and LARP
Colin Furze - Ultimate Nerf Shooting Range
BAGW 2 After Action Reports and Footage
Triple 180 Rapidstrike help please
New Rebelle Guardian crossbow?
Huge 2015 leak (from Pocket)
The Nerf shot challenge (for charity)
Free darts from argos
Nerf Cam
Unique Nerf War Location
Nerf Drone
Nerf: concepts over performance?
Cheap Nerf Pin Point Sights.
Right way or wrong way to use Foregrip
Odd things from TRU
Hunter Prey
ZS chainsaw
Some new ZS accessories (Via Reddit)
Argos updated catalogue.
The Ultimate Nerf question............
Hobby Grade Blasters
The Jolt Pop Shot Game.
Rhino Fire to Argos?
The Great "Masterkey" Debate Thread
15 dart banana clip (via Baidu)
Local Nerf community help thread
New Go Pro mount
New Rhino Fire
Is this the new limited blaster?
Are mods really practical?
Some interesting stuff from the US
Just ordered a Slingfire off Amazon!
Run and Gun options
Koosh and the Elite Alpha Trooper
Mounting blasters to a wall.
BOOMco Whipblast
Limited Edition Blaster announced for Xmas...
Whiteout Retaliator?
ZS magnus
SNIPE new darts and mobile apps
Magstikes surface
QR Codes in Games
A wild Rapid Madness appears
FDT Vimeo channel
Guess who's back?
Zombie Strike Longshot
Incoming: Camo Cover
Boom Co on clearance
Tek Recon
Release Dates
The Vulcan VS Rapidstrike Topic
The "I love the Hail Fire Because..." Topic
Upcoming blasters listed early at The Entertainer
Latest Batch of OMW Fail
New Prototype Nerf Blasters.
The UKNW Armoury
Now this is an Armoury
"Coop's Hyperstrike"
Help me answer a viewers question plz.
What do you do with your old Nerf boxes?
Suction Elite Darts
'Snacktical' Storage
Things that people would like to see in future blasters.
[Discussion / Idea] Possible new Nerf war formats
Recon style blaster? ????
Nerf N Strike Elite Mission App Tactical Rail Mount
Sledgefire now at john lewis
A Wild ZS baseball bat appears!
Clip vs. Magazine
Am I missing anything obvious from this.
NIB Vintage Crossbow
A new app-integrated dart for Nerf blasters
Mega Rhinofire
Think Geek have something cool
Mattel are going after a slice of the blaster pie..
Worst Blasters
Sainsburys still stock the SCOUT!
Nerf Smartblaster?
Great Foam Film, clever and made in Britian
OMW are making Darts
Deviant Art gallery set up.
Tacticool Blasters
the mysterious White Maverick
Interesting behind the scenes at Hasbro article...
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