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Practical Nerfing.
This isnt a huge shock (OMW are making a blaster)
Hasbro Raise Dart RRP? And OJ Stryfe
the latest thing from OFW..
What's a good Chrony to buy?
This arrived today...
MEGA Magazines
Xplorer to produce totally custom blaster.
The mystery NY Toyfair blaster
What happened to HvZ Northampton?
Really cool Office Wars video
Nerf Compatible Tactical Equipment Roster from CBAS
ZS Doublestrike
Nerf Elite Sonic Ice Retaliator on sale at TRUuk /w 60 darts
New Rebelle Stuff
Goodbye Coop772
NEW ELITE BLASTER with camera built in
This is rather cool.(Stampede Sentry Gun)
Its here at last
Xtreme 130
Nerf Wars "Business" for sale!?
More hasbro madness N-Strike Demolisher
Coop772 quits
THEYRE HERE! (Sweet revenge / Hammershot)
mega thunderbow announced
Look what I found XD
Hey everyone, is the Pulsar Blasteroid any good?
Looking for somewhere to store your mags/clips during war...
Buzz Bee and Air Zone- opinions
Hasbro singapore have the right promo idea :D
Happy Birthday Blastersmiths!
New Slingfire Announced
Just when you thought Nerf adverts couldnt get worse.
So Hasbro have announcement planned for tomorrow - any ideas
2011 Rampage different to 2013 Rampage?
those 23.50 rapid strikes
Buzzbee Pirate Flintlock
Laser Experts?
Quick Fire Super Power Elite Darts??
Zombie Strike at Smyths
Nerf Hammershot?
Why the price increase?
Nerf N Strike Stampede Ripoff?
Zombie Strike Crossbow in hand
Out with the Blue!?
more PP carrying solutions pop up (via amazon)
Morning All
What to do with a stock LK and clear deploy..
What does this actually do? Taobao/reddit
Ho Ho ouch Ho
Several zombie strike items hit eBay uk
Mega Magnus on amazon
Crossfire Bow on amazon!
now this is very very cool!
My first piece of scratch built tactical gear. Manly Sewing!
Nerf Uzi (coop772 mod)
is the Zombie Strike range worth it?
SBNC quits, Is this the end of the "big" Blog?
Painting super soakers ?
Strongarm with Maverick like turret
Mega Magnus UK Release is only 72ft version
Elite Vulcan?? (via boff/reddit)
Nerfing vs Paintball; A Comparison
ZS Crossfire and sidestrike pop up on target...
Sonic vigilon??????
elite darts bending in modded longshot
Right out of nowhere, two Rebelle redecos and UK sucker dart
Nerf Blaster of the Year, 2013
What New Lines do We Want in UK Next Year?
I'll just leave this here
Buzzbee big blast
That's My Tactical Rig...
What would you have?
Nerf rayven hornet
quick 48 wiring help please
Toy Fair 2014
Elite suction darts break cover on Reddit
Orange Stryfe and White Roughcut images (from reddit/Baidu)
Quickfire 20 eBay ?
Possible barrel material ?
Storing your blasters?
Psyk gets hold of Mega Magnus
One blaster only
U.K Battery converters
NEW HvZ Rise of the Resistance TRAILER with RELEASE DATES!!!
Hulk edition titan and hornet Mod ?
Show us your Best War Get Up!
Weird elites on baidu
Dual Wielding Firestrikes
Curious about the Centurion
Zombie Strike UK Release?
new thing from Blasterparts
Battery burst
ZS crossbow (from SBNC)
Remedy Metal
Bbb question
Anyone ever gotten into trouble?
Can we take a moment...
Mega Magnus breaks cover ON UK Nerf 1st.
Zombie Strike appears at
N-Strike Stripper Clip
Lanard salvo
Nerf wars on a massive scale
Coop buys Chronograph- Coincidence?
New design and TRU details
Motors, Inductors & Capacitors (Power condistioning)
Nerf Universities
Chrono Data Site now LIVE! Update
Had an epic game tonight! Again! 3 weeks in a row!
Anyone used this stuff before ?
New idea to secure some Hammershots.
This looks really bad even by Hasbro levels.
looks like a new Rayven is coming...
Need help for BAGW
centurion ?
Bloody stampede
Sonic retaliator
Too Old For Nerf?
Ballistic Chronograph Club- Register your interest.
Clips and darts storage
Bluelongshot give away
Stampede advice
Nerf from america
X Shot Xcess in Asda Stores
Sweet Revenge Kit listed on EBay! And Amazon.Com
Forum ?
Rapidstrike giveaway!
It's here, MEGA Centurion (range results on page 2)
HvZ backup HELP!!!
Rapidstrike Magazine Issues
swarmfire question
Heartbreaker Bow now in Argos
Zombie Strike range at
What you packing to the BAGW
Triads - not a lie!!!
Press release from Quest Nerf re. Nerf tournament :)
New Nerf Range PAK accessory AND Zombie Strike Rough Cut?
3D Printer Kit at MAPLIN
Sledgefire (Zombie strike)on US Ebay
European Nerfed Nerf Blasters - Data and Technical Musings
Stampede and other N-Strike blasters
Rapid Strike ad
Rebelle Speedswarm re-skin: "Powerbelle"?
New Argos catalogue released....
Urban Taggers Quits.
Drac Bow Alternative?
More new ZS stuff
Guardian Crossbow spotted instore
Rapid strike in tesco now
Nerf Rebelle and Mega Listing Latest
Nerf Mission and Rebbelle Apps On iTunes
Rapidstrike UK launch tour....
Just email from entertainer
Full ZS range!!!!
Rapid Strike CS-18 coming to ASDA ???
Anyone looked at this Vulcan Sentry Gun?
How are you going to customise your Rapidstrike?
Zombie Strike 2 Blasters and Darts on sale at target US
Nerf wars/HvZ questions
Rebelle Guardian Crossbow appears on eBay UK
Rapid strike
Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion Unboxing
Slam Fire: Yay or nay
Trading ?
Photon Storm
UK Nerf first to spot ELITE RAPID STRIKE in UK
The Nerf Painters Materials Thread
New Lines From Xplorer
Advice on this old lanard
Trust fire problem
News on UK Elite blaster releases
Re barreling lock &load
Tech target poor power
Mega centurion pre orders on eBay ?
Kids ?
Battery Tests- now with trust fire data.
mods to quick
Hasbro Announcement.
The Nerf Jolt
eBay Nerf missile blaster x2
Titan ebay
International Shipping: Guidelines on charges
Nerf Vapor?
New Nerf blasters - what are you excited about?
Nerf Hammershot - HvZ pistol
Nitefinder LED Help
Help on Piping
Nerf Centurion - My Thoughts
Trustfires help plz
A modification quiz
Eye protection
Rate of Fire
Question idea ?
'Nerf Arena' in Kent
Nerf Vortex
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