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DSS Aug & Sep
FDT @ Zone 74 - Sat 26th August - East Kilbride
Thanet Dart Wars - Sun 20th August
Bunker Time!
Solent Nerf Club First Official Event - Saturday 12th August
Grim up Nerf n, n, n, n 19! - 19 August
2018 Weekend Event
DSS July 29th
DSS July
Practical Tactical- A Basic Guide To Foam Field Ops
WolfPack 6, Sat 29th July 3:20-6:30pm, Yeadon Leeds
Bristol Blast 12 - August 26th
Bristol Blast 11 - July 29th
Davidov's Nerf Apocalypse!!!
Nerf weekend (+archery tag) Sep/Oct
Thanet Dart Wars - Sun 30th July
Kent Foam Wars 2nd of July 2017
FDT @ Ryze and Roll 2 - Sat 24th June - Edinburgh
FDT @ New Transgression Park, Edin, Sat 1st July
FDT @ The Works 5 - Sat 1st July - Leeds
DSS Saturday 24th June
Bristol Blast 10 - 24th June
Games in Public Spaces During Raised Threat Level
Shields, sock grenades, and missiles at Bristol Blast
Grim up Nerf 18! Second Saturday or 10 June!
FDT @ The Works 4 - Sat 3rd June - Leeds
DSS Saturday May 27TH
Kent Nerf War 28th of May
Foam Dart Thunder - Liverpool - September 9th
Thanet Dart Wars - Sun 4th June
10 weeks till the BritNerf Battle of Britain!
Grim up Nerf 17 - May(hem!) on the 13th
Foam Dart Thunder - Halifax - Sat 30th Sept
Unusual Venue for a Nerf War/Foam Dart Bunker
Foam Dart Thunder - 2 new skate parks
DSS Saturday April 29TH
Fancy a weekend nerfing - so do we....!
FDT @ The Works 3 - Sat 6th May - Leeds
FDT @ Transgression Park 28 - Edinburgh - Apr 22nd SOLD OUT
FDT @ Zone 74 - 7 - Sat 20th May - East Kilbride
Grim Up Nerf 16 - April
Zombie Hunters Of Manchester - 5 - April First
FDT @ The Works 2 - Sat 1st April - Leeds
FDT @ TP 26.5 - Fri 24th March - Edinburgh
FDT @ TP26 - Edinburgh - Sat Mar 25th - SOLD OUT!
Bristol Mod Party Help
GuN 15 (Saturday 11th March) - March Mega Madness!
Bristol Blast 9 - 20th May
Bristol Blast 8 - 22nd April
Any interest in a Lancashire based group?
Davidov's Saturday Skirmish 3! March 11th
Bristol Blast 7 - 18th March
WolfPack 2, Sat 25th Feb 5-8pm, Yeadon, Leeds
FDT @ Transgression Park 25 - Edinburgh - Feb 25th SOLD OUT
GuN 14 - spring (ers) edition! 11 February - 1200
WolfPack Leeds - Inaugural Event, Sat 28th Jan 5-8pm, Yeadon
ZHoM 4th Feb - 4 - Wythenshawe park
Bristol Blast 6 - 18th February
Britnerf Stand @ BSUK Tech Day
Any Wars in Shropshire?
Zombie Hunters Of Manchester - Update
FDT @ Transgression Park 23.5 - extra date added!
BSUK Tech Day: 19th March 17 1000-1600GMT
Back for some more - GuN 13 - January 14 - Farsley Chapel
Bristol Blast 5 - 14th January
Birmingham HvZ
Foam Dart Thunder - Leeds - Sat 4th March
London Mod Party 28/01/17
First Danish war
Any Nerf events in North East of England
Bristol Blast - Map of Downend Chapel
FDT Modshops are go!
GuN 12 - 10 December - 1200-1600 Tong Chapel - Xmas Special!
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Saturday 10th Dec - SOLD OUT
Foam Dart Thunder - Leeds!!
London Mod Party
New game ideas
London Nerf wars?
London Wars?
oxfordshire wars
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Saturday 19th Nov - SOLD OUT
Foam Dart Thunder - Zone 74 East Kilbride - Sat 26th Nov
ZHoM 26th November - 4 - Wyhenshawe Park - CANCLED
Nerf wars in Kent
Grim Up Nerf 11, 12-5, Sat 12th Nov, Farsley, Leeds
BritNerf Events Calendar
How To Keep Players From Blasting Everywhere!
Super Stock / NIC WAR
Bristol Blast 4 on 5th November
FDT TP 20 - Edinburgh! Halloween Special! SOLD OUT!
Grim Up Nerf 10, Sat Oct 8th, 12:30-5, Farsley Leeds
Bristol Blast 3 - Post Event Thread
FDT double header!
GuN9 report
DSS-2 Report
Foam Dart Thunder TP17 war report
Bristol Blast 2 - Post War Thread
FDT 16 war report
Zombie Hunters Of Manchester - Post Game
Zombie Hunters Of Manchester - 3 - 1st October
Bristol Blast 3 - 24th September
New game ideas - get creative!
Bristol Blast Update and Plans
SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Fri 23rd September
Grim Up Nerf 9, Sat Sept 10th, 12:30-5:00pm, Farsley
Bristol Blast 3
Foam Dart Thunder - Zone 74 East Kilbride - Sat 1st October
SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 24th September
Monday the 29th August, Bristol
Bristol Blast 3 Date Selection
A weekend of wars celebration thread....
Bristol Regular group?
Davidov's Saturday Skirmish 2! September 10th
Solent Wars 2: Invasion of the Grockles Sat 13th Aug on IoW
ZHoM 3rd September - 2 - Wythenshawe Park
London or londish events
SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 27th August
Grim Up Nerf 8, Sat 13th Aug, 12:30 onwards, Farsley
Forest of Dean area. Any interest.. ?
Any Isle of Wight Nerfers up for a skirmish in August?
Something a bit different for Bristol
Possible war in Hertfordshire
Bristol Repeat Confirmed!
Hornet's Nest : Harrogate [READ DISCLAIMER]
Foam Dart Thunder - Zone 74 East Kilbride - Sat 13th August
Bristol Repeat
Grim Up Nerf 7, Sat 9th July, Tong
If you are in Yorkshire/Leeds/Otley area have you seen...
POSTPONED - Battle of Britain - expressions of interest
*CANCELED* Solent Nerf Club 26/6/16 *CANCELLED*
Redditch Nerf War 26th June
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 2nd July
Possible Nerf War in Bromsgrove area (roughly)
How to Gear Up For Games
Grim Up Nerf 6, 11th June
Solent Nerf Club - Game #1 Westborne Sat 11th June
Zombie Hunters of Manchester 18th June
Solent Nerf Club - Game Planning Discussion
Battle of Britain
SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 4th June
Bristol Blast 28th May 2016- We are Go!
Zone 74
Grim Up Nerf 5, Sat 14th May, Tong, 1-4pm
SOLD OUT! - Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 14th May
Foam Dart Thunder TP13
Southeast nerfers
Zombie Hunters of Manchester - planning thread
DERBY if starting to fling blue foam
THE DROP - Nerf-Larp
Nerf Wars Around Reading/ Henley On Thames?
SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 23rd April
HvZ Manchester
Cataclysm is coming to Coventry
Bristol Blast- Event Planning Thread
Grim Up Nerf 4, Sat 16th April, 1-4pm, tong (Leeds/Bradford)
Warwickshire Nerf wars
Grim Up Nerf 3 Review
Foam Dart Thunder - East Kilbride - Saturday 7th May
Nerf Organisers Game and Groups Vault- Discussion
Nerf WARS community in Medway Kent
World record attempt.
2016 War Calendar
Update on Edinburgh High School venue
SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 19th March
FDT 11
Grim Up Nerf 3, Sat 12th Mar, 1-4pm, Tong, Bradford
New Game Ideas
Bristol Nerf War!
Grim up Nerf - Leeds February Nerf war post match report
Tips for organising a Nerf event
New Game System Starting August with a weekend event
Davidov's Saturday Skirmish!
Grim Up Nerf 2, Sat 13th Feb, 1-4pm, Tong, Bradford
It's grim up Nerf - Leeds January Nerf war post match report
Safety Glasses
Nerf Wars Newbury
SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 27th February
Leeds Indoor Event -Sat 30th Jan, Headingley, 1:30pm
Nerf Birmingham
Need Help setting up a HVZ in Manchester
Bath and Bristol Area Nerf War
Any Nerf wars in london?
So, what does a good Nerf war look like?
Con-A-Com LARP
Any Nerf wars (or nerfers) near the Camberley/Yateley area?
Lonely Glasgow based Nerfer
SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 5th December
Greencloaks 4 - Hype thread!
2015 UK Nerf Jamboree, 5-6 September
Green Cloaks Event 3: Into the Rad - HYPE THREAD!
SOLD OUT FDT - Edinburgh - Saturday 29th August
Nerf war in Costessey, Norwich 27 june 2015
GC2 Post Game Thread
Non-projectile HvZ game
Leeds Nerf war - Saturday 13 June -any interest?
Testing the waters, a yorkshire larp event...
Girls Nerf Party Ideas
GC Event 2 Information & Invites!
Northern Irish Nerfers
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