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Stampede Motor Swap
No Singled Diatrons?
Elite Alpha Trooper Modification Guide- Lock Removal
Secret Strike Air Tank
Solarbotics Motors: Known sources
HvZ and LARP Props- some more added.
Strongarm turret speedloader mod
+bows and revshots
Nerf Trenchgun Project (Raider + Speedload)
Overvolted Rayvens
Over-clocked Nitron (Boom'ed Nitron)
Repair clip-stored darts.
Longshot Mod Advice
N-strike clips in Elite blasters
Part ID request help
Jolt Double Spring
Stefan Compatible Magazine (Reversible)
Vortex proton
Longshot + OMW = fantastic
Barrel length
Modding Information: UK Law Regarding Imitation Firearms
Broken recon sight + jolt = my first mod... thing.
would this work???
spring for stampede
Brass Breech Longshot - now with thoughts and pictures
Shield Mod
Strongarm Mod Guide
Firestrike Video Mod Guide
Spruce up a Retaliator!
Firestrike mod guide
Total Recon
Stefans and Slugs
longshot kit
painting - best practise
guides for noobs!!
That's what I get for being cocky
A Guide To Plunger Padding
Easy "Bolt-Action" Retaliator
Barrel Materials
Nerf jolt mods
Nerfshack Custom scouts with cases
CPVC Couplers
Mod Exchange Review
Dread's Recon Priming Handle Mod plus Stock Reinforcement
New Barrel Material
Nightfinder replacement internals
Alpha trooper broken dart tooth please help
Nerf Rayven CS-18 'Mode Switch' Mod
Longshot boltsleds inner templates
LS Mods
Longshot Intergration My 1st mod
Works in progress. Pics required.
Check out my YouTube Channel!
Nerf jolt AR removal.
plastic breach material
Lets see those Nitefinders!
Internals Directory
Basic BBUMB Mods
Modifications Directory
DDTB - Double Dart Tag Blaster
Modification/Paintjob pictures.
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