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Drum Mag holder
Newisland Field Blaster Top Rail Mod
Make me some rainbow blasters
The Tactical Triad
Rewire diagrams
Sheeny shiny chrome Apollo!
Open Flywheel Project Cages
BuzzBee Double Shot
Bullpup Nemesis mod blog
New barrel and aluminium cages for my Rayven
Big Blast Longstrike
Mandalorian Sniper
Worlds First Touchscreen Controlled Stryfe! (Possibly!)
My new Stryfe - Thanos
Minimized Apollo
First mod finished (paint still to be done) retaliator
Building Demolisher
Old-school Barricade mods the nu-skool way
Hall-effect cycle control idea
Larami SuperTech 9000, Hoppered, Barreled and ready to go!
Brushless Rayven Update & Chrono numbers
Longshot PVC Pump grip
Zombiestrike McGuyver
Need a second opinion....
Further Rapidstrike Developments
Rayven afterburner concept
Full Auto Stryfe with Cycle Control
The 180 rapidstrike that lives again!
Hellcat Rapidstrike
My First Hack Job
Dr Zeus
Know Your Waffle Tips- Physical Properties
Vulcan Havok Clutch Mod
My Very Mega Mastodon
Project Gateway Drug: 2500M
Nerf Stf dead husband pulled automatic hammer kit black kit
Chronograph Dart Catcher
MTB Wolverine Stryfe MOSFET *UPDATED*
The Regulator - A Photo Blog Diary Thing
Project Spark: PIIIKAAACHUUUUU! (1600M)
removing Paint
[Info-Grab] Modding
Select Fire Rapidstrike SMG
Rapidstrike FCG Microswitch Bracket
Clear Series Retalicon
Auto rayven design
Rayven with Arduino & brushless motors
Nerf Accustrike Flywheel Test
Barricade Rear-Loading Mod
MTB Rapidstrike Pusher Motors DPS
The SnakeBite
First mod
IMR's help!
PSA: Nerf Battlescout Spring Upgrades
Hydro Dipping - An Idiot's Guide
Sorting out the Apollo's grinding gears.....
[WIP] The HushPuppy - Full Auto Bullpup Demolisher
First Xzeus V2 in the UK
Hyperfire - Future Mod Ideas
Super spam cannon!
The Stryfe with No Name (build-a-long)
Auto stryfe? nah. I prefer Rayvens.
This is my Longshot...
The RaggedStrike
Sock Bombs
Mega Centurion spring mod?
1S Stryfe Build
Rayven - Halo MA5D Assault rifle
Homemade Blaster Sleeve
Project Ambition: The Typhon (Modulus + RC + RS)
8 Dart Cycloneshock Cylinder
Epic painting session.
Firefly Shotgun Drain Blaster!
Nerf Hyperfire brief mod!
New 10kg+ spring
My First Rapidstrike Build
Barricade Flywheels for Elites
Hero Son of Sentinel Union
FK180 Rapid-Pistol overview (its a long one)
How To Build a Pro Primary- Build Log
'Hornet' Stryfe
JB Weld is not sticking to my blaster
My First Custom Paint Job
4Victory Upgrade Suggestions
Missile power
Cycloneshock upgrade
The 'Un-named' Rapid Pistol
Did someone say 'Demolisher missiles'?
Barricade Mod
The 'DareDevil' Rapidpistol...
Recon 2 OEM-plus look
Rotofury spring replacement observations
First attempt at tac-gear
Hyperfire Lipo mod.
Duct Tape and Ice Cream
Doublestrike catch crisis
Boomco Farshot to Nerf Conversion
Twibz' Mod Plog Blog - Third Time's the Charm
Crossbolt Cycloneshock Intergration! & write up
The greatest barrel extension mod you will ever see
Big shock
Artifact flywheel cages
Worker Flywheels in a Rayven?
Motor Questions
Curious if anybody has done this to Sledgefire.
zuru bug shot eliminator modification
Voltmeter holder
Have I bought FVJ's, and if so, what do I do with them?
Could use some advice
Replacement screws
DIY 16 dart tac rail for Roughcut
7 shot Hammershot, Finally Fixed!
Help needed for stryfe and IMR 14500
R -1: Rhino's Rayven
A man needs a name...
Havokfire Loop Chain! Big Bad Frontloader!
Lanard triple shot
Nerf suppressor
Last Barricade! Trigger operated rev up and rewire.
RS-1 with added Honeybadger
Different Barricade. Rewire and Worker Flywheels
15 for 300 Koosh(yellow)
Lawbringer Light WIP
Babygiraffe2006 Blue Koosh Dart Review
Sawn Off Sledgefire!
Parallel Leaf Spring Stryfe Battery Tray + Torque Tuned
Rayven - Top-loadable turret alternative!
Best/Powerful Batteries for Stryfe
Nerfchester model 6022
newbie help with upgrade parts
Cut down guardian crossbow
Performance improvements with off the shelf products
Busted Barricade given a new lease of life!
Reinforced Modulus Stock
3d printed hammershot barrel
Hammershot Holster from Bottle Belt and (more) Duct Tape
A pair of jokers
More fun with Duct Tape: Nerf Mag Pouch
Nerf Melee Bayonet
Boogle's "Trhino" Rapidpistol
Minimised RapidStrikeCS-18
Twin EAT's
Mod Guide - Strongarm REV-6
Look at Me Ma I'm A Sneeper- Reflex Sight & Suppressor!!
First bit of modding with blasterparts
Elite blue and white paint?
Mega-Singled Strike
2nd Mod to my Retaliator
A bag full of Blastersmiths goodies
Firestike Elite
Stryfe Kriss Vector build
Last stand pistols
Demolisher build worker parts
strfye worker build
Time to get modding
Modding a Modulus
Modded Stryfe
Havokfire - Springs = (Jolt + Hammershot) Upgraded
Weaver Rail RED DOT Point Sight
Working progress (not to everyone's taste)
Starting RS modding. Comments/criticism of ideas welcome
Project Yummy Turtle: 3D Models for Flywheels
Modifying a Rebelle Spylight
Please DON'T Use This Forum For Questions
LiPo help
OE-look orange paint recommendations?
Srtyfe "Zombie Spitter" first mod.
Magstrike Part Idenfitication?
AR: To remove or not to remove...
Boomco halo Needler
Star Wars deluxe blaster
Motor upgrade for Rayven
Redesigned rapidstrike?
Where oh where can I get good 180's
Spring combination
Generic MEGAs
Twibz's Mod plog blog - round two
N-Strike Rayven CS18 Firefly Mags
Arduino controlled Havok
White voberries/globerries-excessively oversized foam?
Noob Brass Barrel Question.
Brushless flywheel Kit
stryfe fps questions
ACC Darts Hit Ebay
Twin RS build, 'Double Tap.
which one to paint?
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