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Get a grip..
Rampage lock forward after cocking?
Storing Lipos
Questions on the Mosfet Master Race
Safe Brass
Anyone else...
Long question about wiring and mosfets for higher currents
Worker 22s... the way forward?
Are all Rotary Tools created equal?
Replacement Stryfe Battery Covers
Mega darts
Variable Resistors.. Possible?
Molle gear
Roughcut 4x2 safe spring upgrade
Gun mounted spare mags.. Practical or tacticool?
HPA vs air compressor vs bike pump
Havoc fire dimensions
Rewiring other pusher based flywheel blasters.
Charity Nerf war
AR removal or no AR removal?
Two switches in one for Rapidstrike...
23mm / .90cal Pipe to Fit Rival Rounds
Absolvers ??
So I bought a couple of new batteries...
Sorry about the lazy post but info is gone!
3D Design software
Mosfet for MTB Rhinos in Stryfe
Other Places to get Battery Chargers besides Hobbyking?
Zeus flywheel cage
Which chronomononomanomotomoroaotron?
hellcats>xp 180's
What brand and colour of spraypaint best makes Nerf orange?
Mosfet for hellcats?
C-mod RPM Drop
Flywheel dimensions
Dr Snickers cage vs Artifact cage vs Standard cage
Belt drive
choosing motors
Off season games (The south)
sweet revenge // stripes 5 by 5 // hammershot?
longshot plunger tube size
Noob questions RE; loadouts
Stupid question time - what brand epoxy?
Just to say hi
Anti-slip flywheels
Introducing myself
Rayven/Barricade Afterburner Integration
Mystery missile launcher
Stryfe rewire and upgrade motor issues
EAT catch advice
Nerf center
efest imr problem
Stampede mod problems.
Sledgefire Mod
Anything I should do?
Offically the worst eyesight in the world!
Best place to buy darts?
Having trouble accessing the site
New Project
New to Nerf and could use some advice
apollo priming indicator misalignment?
Rapid strike or Hyperfire?
Standard batteries
Usa exclusives
New Game Type - The Terminator
eat mod advice
Raider Massacre kit
Thoughts on an RS build
Khaos/HyperFire Variable ROF
Brush paints?
Artifact Breech Opinions
Hammershot holsters
Safe paintjob colour schemes?
modulus sling suggestions
load out recommendations
Worker pusher in standard flywheels?
Flush bonding
Advice Needed - Battery Charger Power Supply
Nerf rebelle glasses
Are there any sort of Nerf thrift stores here like the USAs?
Where to get retaliator plungers??
Thread repair and Nerf screw sizes
Roughcut mods?
Favourite Nerf line
More lipo questions (sorry)
LiHV Questions
Laser pen/red dot sight
Tank! Good gamemode idea or not?
Random modding questions
Stampede - Blending Durability with Increased Performance
Stampede / rapidstrike??
What Spring to Use
Under performance
Pistol round?
Rhino rapidstrike pusher
Worker Flywheels in a Rayven?
Motor Questions
What does one do with a Rapid Madness
Who runs this?
FPS expectations
Power/Speed Switch?
Curious if anybody has done this to Sledgefire?
any nerfers in/near wiltshire?
Matt or Gloss clear laqures
Help with a Stryfe Mod
First Rapidstrike and Planned Mods
Can anyone recommend a threadlock?
(Solved) Jolt double spring trigger issue
Thinking Side strike
Lipo charger won't work?!
Soldering iron
Gold Paint Recommendation?
Unfinished buisness?
Fixing shell cracks and air tanks.
More Lipo questions
Longshot as a primary - am I living in 2006?
Stryfe battery (feels like a lazy post)
Worker flywheels on a Stryfe
PVC questions
Masking type
LED Circuits - HELP
best filler / adhesive ?- Roughcut
Sidestrike (with BSUK upgrade spring) won't catch
Darts fall out of EAT
BSUK Tactical Belt
7kg Worker Spring
What to get 3d printed?
Good vintage Nerf blaster retailers?
Best Elite Alpha Trooper Kit
Help with University Nerf Wars
Could use some advice
Hammershot questions
Constant force springs or alternatives to upgrade drum mags
A dilemma...
Sourcing Mtb honey badgers
Speedswarm voltage??
Stockade as a secondary?
Replacement screws?
A foam-flinging doctrine masterpost
Stampede upgrade advice
Stampede gears?
Weathering with oil paints?
Bsuk Stryfe kit for a Stockade/Barricade
War Experience
Nerfing in poor weather
Colouring of Tac Gear
Chinese Darts?
Big guns
Cutting brass?
Speed 6
Zeus Apollo Mag cross compatibility
Vinyl Dye/Lime Green Paint
Cellulose Paint - did i make a mistake?
Big Bad Bow Arrows?
Minimum mAh????
Carrying a Messenger?
How to start a Nerf war
Uprating My Longstrike
A few questions regarding melee weapons
Rebelle Agent Bow Repair?
Sticking down the BSUK Trigger Plate
Adding Detail to a blaster
14kg longshot
Post upgrade issues and worker flywheels.
Weapon racks
how do you cut springs in a battery tray?
Soldering Iron recommendations?
Starting to use Lipo's please help
Stockade flywheels the same as...
Recommendations for a small, multi purpose microswitch?
Left veer with worker flywheels?
Broken Rhino?
Best type of worker flywheels for Barricade?
Value of a Chronograph
EAT Won't Prime
Hobbymods longshot mod
What is the best spray paint for Nerf Blasters?
I'm back.
Paint Disaster
Matching batteries to requirements
When Hydrodip goes wrong.
What is the best Nerf Primary for starters?
Worker buffer tube
What happens when you can't do any more mods?
What to do with a Barricade???
Primary Nerf Gun ?(Advice Needed)
3D printers- tell me how to think, o forum!
Rail mounted 10 dart holder
Blasterparts hammershot vs sweet revenge kit
Saying Hi
Anyone used Sledgefire 3d Printed shells?
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