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Vynyl dye and painting barrels
Perhaps I was a little hasty getting rid of my Stryfe
Which to get, Double or Triple BSUK Miranda Mag Holder?
Special Zombies?
Good but cheap body armour or gear?
Faux Barrel
Follow Me Drone Nerf Footage
Rapidstrike pusher-box switch: area of "dwell"?
stock motor RPM?
Boiling Mega Darts
UK suppliers for offset waffles and those z-shaped tips?
Black Rice Tech motors - any good?
Any plans for another worker mo?
Starting into brushless AC motors?
Any UK 3D printers willing to quote for a job?
Lubricant leaking from BigShock
Flywheels out of control
What's the BigShock like compared to a Jolt?
Cameras for Nerf wars and more
17/32 Drill bit and general advice
Tactical vest - what's the go with all the wires and stuff
A few air blaster questions
Barricade motor questions.
Help! My barricade is sh**
Help me spend some vouchers
Suitable Mav/Furyfire spring upgrade?
ATDQSYDHT - What's an absolver?
Rapidstrike pusher over running
Can Rhinos keep up with a Honey Badger?
Stocks, huh! What are they good for?
Devcon vs Acrylic
Apollo pump kits
Magnus Slider Screw
What is your most unusual jam?
Antex 660A Soldering Iron
Hydrodipping questions
Multiple layers of fillers
Slam Fire Mechs
Ammo boxes: what're they worth?
Thinking of getting Mega Cycloneshock- Cheap Mega Darts?
Team Identifiers
Auto-pusher jam issues
Canted Flywheel Cage FPS figures
Spring(er) Cleaning
Do blaster tags count?
CS Nerf recommendations
Nerf Rival
Using Neo Magnets with Reed switches
Recommendation for a xsw pusher motor: honeybadger or rhino?
Little people carrying mags
RE: How often to restock darts?
The use of condoms (for masking)
Adventure Zone Enforcer modification possibilities
Non stick for Milliput
Spacer Question
My latest toys
Rapidstrike 180 build debug help needed
3D printed parts
So, rivals then?
Suppressing Motor EMI
Afterburner Considerations
Chrome Blaster Paint?
Talk to me about different 3d printing materials....
PWM issues
Another Barrel Material Thread
Best replacement motor cage/flywheels and where to currently
Raptorstrike mag capacity?
Multiple Mosfet Question
Basic Battery Advice
Bristol Mod Party Help
Loaner Equipment for Wars.
Slingfire Upgrade
Can you split voltage?
Wonky Flywheels
Battery Advice - Best non-rechargable for LED work
Is there any effect to moving batteries around a circuit?
Brass breach EAT advice
Retaliator Breech Options
Advice needed: suitable solenoid for remote mag-release?
How many darts do you need?
FDT Drone - battery advice
Nerf Hammershot
Brass Dart Guide for Flywheels
Potentially naive question electric circuit alert
Quick question re: transparent materials
25 round drum
Storage Pockets Toy for Nerf N-Strike Elite Team HOT ...?
Can you help me improve my Hyperfire? (Other than binning it
How much can a Roughcut take?
Demolisher barrel material
Name this shoulder stock
Considering MTB Super Sledgefire as a project
How to determine back EMF voltage?
Putting together a Rapidstrike
Nerf carrying/transporting
Demolisher parts
Stryfe Internals Upgrade Help
Electrical Wire?
Best 18 dart magazine
Please tell me about the Stryfe
Are Hasbro dropping XD branding?
Lipo storage charge?
Image sizes when posting
Which blaster do I get next?
How best to find electronic components?
Circuit Training
Rayven or Stockade flywheels for RS
Cosmetic damage to blasters
Converting AA to C size
New to Nerf - my arsenal so far
Modulus and IMRs
Dying Shells.
Poor Man's Fire select circuit
Speccing a DPDT relay
Sticking 25-Dart Drum
Switch in diodes
Barrel extentions and accuracy question
What should i attempt for my first mod?
Charging 2s Lipo issues
Q. Sledgefire mod
What's needed for wars other than blatsers and tactical kit?
Longshot upgrades
[Info-Grab] Modding- What Got You Into It?
Voltmeter Reading
"Black Rice" Motors- Any Good?
What to do with a problem like LiPo?
What's the catch?
Getting into my Stryfe
Superheavy Gear?
Hailfireists- is the clip retention good enough?
Hi All (introduction and a quick question)
Glue- As recommended by forum users
Hammershot questions + Added questions
Another request for IMR help
Multiple circuits, one terminal
Mag release locks
Rotofury internal help.
2S 10dps Pusher Recommendations
Best knockoff vortex discs?
Powering Nerf Gun With Wall Adapter
Mosfet Testing
Boring Circuit Diagram Post
Double springing??
Soldering questions
What's on your Santa list?
Dart Zone Magnum blasters...
Nerf Vigilon - what's your experience?
Centurion Redemption?
IMR's help!
What kind of modder are you?
Simple LED setup ?
Kill switch
What's Your Favourite Heavy?
Rhinofire help.
Magnets vs electric circuits
Shell screws
I think I know what I'm buying..
Cylinder for five by five
Breaking in motors
LED lighting loom switches
strfye vs rayven modded, pros and cons?
Flywheels for the fearless fire
Single trigger flywheel blaster
Motor braking with relays and/or FETs
Anyone got a link to the current listing for Black Pigs?
Hyperfire drive train motor
Knex mag compatability
min lipo rating for consistent range on full auto?
Shell Screws
Decals.. Vinyls.. Stickers?
UK law changes
Rotofury cylinder
Flywheel problems?
Stryfe re-wire question
Schoolboy masking tape error- best way to fix?
LED Lighting
Retaliator upgrade advice
LiPo Chargers
IMR advice
How to smooth out 3d printed parts?
Rubber thing on Stryfe and other questions.
Rival Khaos?
Cage Match
Mega Centurion spring mod?
First Springer project - Recon MK2 - Pump grip help
Integration Reinforcement
Split Strike?
Can i use 16 awg wire for this lipo?
Shell cuts
Non-slamfire trigger mechs
Cheap Motor Questions
Brass and lipos
More questions..
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