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Summer reading
Any climbers?
Nerf For All Ages
Women In The Nerf Community
Discord Chat Sunday 30th July 9pm BST- With Project FDL
Discord Chat Mon 17th July 9pm
Paintball markers
Security Issue on the forum
Business to go greener!
Discord Chat Monday 26th June 9pm
New Laptop, after some help
Exciting Milestone???
A Massive Thank You (stolen blaster issue)
Warhammer 40k
Spejdernes lejr 2017 (scout jamboree in Denmark)
It's not Nerf, but it is Easter... so here's some Rabbits!
I really want a Nerf Thunderblast
Discord Chat- I Survived Easter Weekend- 17th April 9pm
Santa Clara Diet
Nerf Dreams
MyFreeForum shutdown in June
Discord Connection
Discord Chat- No guest, pick a date.
Does anyone know something about dive computer designing?
Anyone going to walker stalker convention this weekend?
The Official Unofficial Mod Swap Thread - Closing 31st July
Unofficial Discord Mod Swap 2017 - Sign Ups
Discord Chat MONDAY 27th Feb 9pm- With Special Guest
Manufacturing Effective Practices Updates
Are you addicted to Nerf?
BritNerf Insult Fourm
Star wars
Putting Britnerfer video links on the end of my videos..
Discord Chat Sunday 5th February 9pm
Discord Chat Monday 2nd January 9pm
What did Santa Bring You?
My first ever trip to Scotland
Discord Chat Monday 19th December 9pm
Telephone Expense Management
Festive Spirit
What's your Christmas gift?
Wifi Drones
Easier Circuit Drawing
The Expanse
End of Season Discord Chat- Monday 21st November
Another stoopid question..
Wobbly icon in mobile view
Spreadsheet vs. PAID software
Redirects ??
Rick and Morty
Discord Chat Tue 18th Oct
Advert Brit money method?
Improving product quality
Red Dwarf
Post War Weekends Discord 12th September
Offically the worst eyesight in the world!
Another shed post
A Change management approach?
Interesting background to the Super soaker...
Bank Holiday Discord Chat
Any more plans for a discord chat?
Scottish 10 note Delights.
The pain of ebay!
Robot Wars
Anyone have any experience of selling old Warhammer stuff?
SEO freelancers up for a job?
If Fallout happened
The heat!
Pokemon Go
Star Wars Celebration
Discord Chat Monday 11th July
3D printer
Arduino Experts Apply Within
New PC
Discord Chat- THURSDAY 9pm
Discord Chat- Bank Holiday Monday 8-10pm
Discord Chat Tonight- 9pm
What radio station is your default
New Discord Chat- This Time Just for Britnerf
Its not always about flinging foam
Choosing a Diode
What do you do?
More time wasting...
May the 4th be with you
Video editing and making discussion thread...
What did you on over the Bank Holiday?
Anyone here going to that Steam Punk event in Barnsley...
View new Posts?
Not getting any notifications
IT Clever People- Router Advice Needed
Hidden Britain By Drone
London Comicon 2016!!!
IMR's are not the answer to all AA power issues!
Settlers of Catan and Pokemon card game this evening....
Look North
Worst loadouts
Cloud Based Software
Post war/post toy fair chat?
Britnerf Chat- Saturday 30th
Request new username
Hangout or Skpe This Week- Pick a Day
Chatroom Meet This Weekend?
Where are you in the world........Porstmouth
So I'm buying..
What are your other Interests?
Happy New Year
Best new game ever?
This Film is Going To Be Great for HvZ
Quick Contest- Win Duke Wintermauls Balls
Is there a software for this?
Proofreading. It's for everyone.
FV3805 Restoration
Red Bull Soapbox Race
Beware Rampaging Squirrels
West Country Terrorist Alert- more Lerts, less terror.
Hiatus/ losing interest....
zing/airstorm bows and arrows
What did you do today?
Need work related suggestions
When Ctrl/Alt/Del fails
GC1 After Action review
Best lost in Translation Ever
You guys may appreciate this more than the wife did.......
today is one year since one of the funniest things ever.
Koosh Dart World Tour
Best modder in the world
RIP Sir Terry Prachett
Flymo (Hailfire) in HvZ
I need your Help! Bad day at work.
Nerf Reddit
Britnerf Global
This is why I dislike lending out my blasters
What Else do you Modify?
Oh Doominator
I thought I had seen it all...
The what did everyone get thread!!!
Christmas Message
Useless Machine
First Item Manufactured in Space.
Christmas hauls
DT teachers -.-
Oh Deploy
portable chargers
Electricity- The Work Of Satan
Black Friday
Looking for an electronic component...
What do people want for Xmas!
Ignition Timing Lights - Advice Please
Cheap Parcel2GO code
Show off your collections... IN LIST FORMAT
What Didn't You Do Today?
Happy Halloween!
Spot the Nerf
1 year on
Monster Chocolate Cake!
Alien Isolation
The Judge Dredd Thread
So I decided to make this squad for our first HvZ game...
Expect to see this at a war next year :P
A Cautionary Tail
Field Communications.
BritNerf Quotes
Union Flag Upside Down!
Another Milestone
My new youtube channel
MkI Squirrel Bandolier
Zombie Evacuation Race
FB glitch?
Yes this is a real thing.
So the ultimate HvZ weapon has appeared
Summer Jobs For HvZ Players
Dumbass moves
I saw this and had to post it...
US electronics flight ban and the implications for Nerf
Making a Fake Heart
Random thought
I found an old toy! Who needs an Attaknid :D
For your safety, check your washing machine!
RIP Raja
Zombie apocalypse
The What Are We Doing In Our Summer Holidays Thread
Slightly different project...
its my cake day!
Angry PSA: Vote 2014
Pentagon has Zombie Apocalypse Sorted
Welcome Nerfsniper101- member 340
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