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Homemade Blasters
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Muzzle Loading Pistol.
UK Springs
The Starfalcon Mk.1 - A Bolt Action Homemade (Design)
The Larpquebus ( LARP 'Nerf' musket )
Caliburn: Mag-Fed Pump-Action Springer
Machined PCSR Write-up
Nerf Musket
Master chief's full auto flywheel blaster concept
How many cans for a Crossbow?
Looking to make a commission
K26 springs - managed to get some!
Large torsion spring blaster
Ex airsoft bar-10 to Nerf sniper!?
Example thread of why MTMod is bad.
Thank you
The OMP 1, Be Afraid....
Mega Stefans
Questions about plunger seals on homemade blasters
The Hydra (1st home made)
3D Printer Kit at MAPLIN
Rainbow Pistol – BlazZe’s Method
L+L Write Up
Rainbow, +Bow Etc Materials Thread
BritNerf Homemades Write Up Directory
British Materials Thread
Snap Materials in Metric!
Homemades tips/information
My first homemade
Plastic sheets- where to get them, price comparisons etc.
Shinobi CO2-1 Homemade Blaster
MP SNAP 2.0 writeup
Homemades Picture Thread
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