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Off season games (The south)

Privet comrades, I'm debating the options for events over the cold rainy months and I need a vital ingredient, what you think.

Two broad options;

A 3-5 hour gathering, time to be debated later base on what is available. It will cost us from 20 an hour on the budget end of things to 50+, though we might be able to get something a lot more playable and interesting at the higher end if we did get enough players to make it viable.

So based on 20 players for 3 hours of play (and ignoring some of the costs), 4 per head at the lower end where it's no kids, disclaimers all around. Then based on 50 people, big space, one off event insurance, 12-15 per head for 5 hours.

I can also dig around for airsoft and paintball sites with full or partial cover and attempt a weekender with a cost between 700 and 2.5k for site and facilities (I know that is a lot, but I'm presenting options for thought) and can handle insurance through a friend.

Which means bottom end about 30-40 for full weekend Friday to Sunday for 50 people, or if by some miracle we got silly numbers behind this we could do one of the epic sites for an extra 10 per head at the 100+ mark.


Thoughts, both on doability and interest are appreciated.

I would do the first option, make it super intense, fast gameplay and a regular thing. Weekend games are fine once per year or fir LARP but you don't gain much vs a shorter, faster play time in terms of number of games. There is more socialising but cost is a bigger issue in a small community.
PLI for game organisers is in development so expect movement on that in the next month or so.
daniel k

Re: Off season games (The south)

Davidov wrote:
where it's no kids, disclaimers all around.

Is that really necessary? Could this not be kid friendly?

The 'problem' we are finding at GuN is there are kids, and then there are 'kids'. The random punter types who turn up and borrow a blaster are somewhat different to the likes of dusty and CO. By establishing a cut off age range you hopefully manage out some of the issues with the first lot of kids. Unfortunately it does impact on those who want to play and play well (although some of those have their moments as well - nobodies perfect 😀).

Not an easy one to resolve....

Teens allowed maybe? Or people who have been to a britnerf war before?

Go with option #1. Keep it simple, intense and above all, cheap.

Unless you plan to run something public and regular like GUN you shouldn't have to worry too much about young kids. Especially if you only advertise soley within the community.

For child protection and insurance reasons the "no unaccompanied minors" rule is a good one to follow. You can get a relevant DBS check but we have no precedent for games in hired premises with unaccompanied minors apart from mine, but I am a professional youth worker with full insurance of my own and the highest level of DBS.
daniel k

I would always be with my dad, even if I was allowed to go by myself my parents wouldn't allow it. At DSS 2 it was me and a friend, both 13, and we had no issue's. We were two of three children there, the other being someone's daughter. If you want to do 16+ round's, that's fine, but I like haloxxbilly suggestion of teens+ or something similar.

I'm going to say option 1 sounds the more viable with the numbers we had at DSS2, if the numbers start becoming consistently higher then option 2 may be worth looking into.
As for having kids there I think teenagers would be a good cut off point. Any younger and I feel that it will start effecting how people play the game,  I for one would be more reluctant to hit younger players especially once I've up graded my blasters, then there's also trying to explain how each round works and making sure they understand it.

Option 1 seems popular .. option 2 could be good for the north vs south thing that was kicking about?
The tweenies age cut off is a good idea haloxbilly + Daniel k and his mate are good lads, good nerfers but I also think if there was a 10 yr old who lived and breathed Nerf (accompanied by a parent) or who's parent was in the community like the little girl @ DSS2 or justajolts daughter then thats fine too... Thoughts?

I've been DBS (and CRB checked before that) for the last decade as well as teaching first aid and martial arts to kids as young as 4 just as long, so as far as boxes ticked I'm golden, but I don't want to use myself for ticking those boxes as it is more responsibility than I want in a hobby.

The suggestions above are with a mind to regular games and I am happy to get things organised but don't want to take liability on my own head and won't be available for every game if they do become a regular thing.

Option one looks to be the clear winner, as far as details I'll wait on updates on the insurance that is being worked on as it's details will no doubt affect the decision.

I'm DBS checked and I know justajolt is (and probably BGUK as well) - doesn't mean we want responsibility for minors eithe (that and you can't transfer them between events/organisations). Stick to running games for an older audience if that's what you want to do. Sooner or later some other daft parents might take on the challenge of more junior orientated games.

option 1 sun's better while nbeta are still relatively modest. Though an all weekend hvz scenario would be amazing (no reason why this couldn't happen in an option scenario).

as for kids I think as long as they are accompanied (ideally by playing adult for the really young ones) then I don't see the harm.


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