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Offically the worst eyesight in the world!

Well, amongst the 15 of us with the condition anyway...

I became joint equal worst with 6 constant 'double' images at the start of Jan, but had some tests done last week, and have hit 8 constant images!

Shocked  Shocked  Shocked  Shocked

That doesn't even begin to account for the psuedo focus images you get with the condition, so lets just pretend its a minimum of 9 'real' images, all the time, at its best...

I'll admit it got me a little bit down, as this is the level that was given as a crisis point 16 years ago, when I got given a 10 year prognosis... This is the point where the specialists have to start discussing whether its better for me with the rate of decline (gained 3 images in 8 months) to have one of the optic nerves severed, and whether to do its physically or chemically...

I fully intend to continue nerfing for as long as possible, but at some point will have to accept that my eyesight makes my aiming tricky!

One plus point, if I can do the rapid pistol mod thats on my workbench, anyone with normal sight can!

Shit, that sucks to hear. It has always amazed me how you've managed to persevere despite everything. I struggle to resolder packs with my single image, let alone 6 or 8 images. Best of luck with that Rapid-pistol, that's something I've not even attempted myself! Very Happy Make sure you get the results on here...

Mod hat on, I've moved this to off topic. Smile

What I don't understand is, even if you're eyesight is going to shit, you still see something. It might be like 17 versions of it all slightly offset, but you can still see something. Unless there is something even more serious that can happen if you don't get your optic nerves severed, I would choose to keep them.

No point in giving up until giving up is the only way to go, you know?

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