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Oh Deploy

Oh Deploy,
As you sit there forgotten under my bed,
Used as a doorstop,
As pink wafer storage,
I see your googly eyes staring back.

I see the soul in them,
The fire of the shitty LED,
As you burn on Youtubers fireplaces,
I hear your scream.

Oh Deploy,
With your wobbly parts
and mag release so shit,
nobody loves you,

(I've been in the library 5 hours now, I have a slight disconnect from reality)

Step away from the poetry section.........

That's it. Think. For a second.

Now remember the sign that says SU Bar?

Good, follow it.

Mmmm Beer...

This deserves an award... I also question if the men in white coats might not be hanging round . At least my ex deploy is getting some kind of love.

( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

I actually think this needs to be in General Nerf.

4553josh, remember: those little pixies aren't real. Go get some sleep, some food and a shower. Then come back and look upon what you have wrought and despair. Razz

Also, BritNerf: Reality is Optional.

Boff wrote:

Also, BritNerf: Reality is Optional.

New tagline there...

New Britnerf T shirt slogan there!

Can nothing be done for the Deploy?

Aesthetically, I like them. Is it not possible to port the Rampage internals in or something. The light can easily be re-wired into something useful, like a Camera, Torch or Laser Pointer.

I, being the positive bubbly type, am just trying to save what i believe to be a cool shell from the scrap pile.

Can we make this a community project to 'Un-derp the most derped'? No (Nerf) blaster left behind!

To quote Sgt Slammer from Action force. "We all go home or nobody goes home!"

I'd rather devote my time and energy to a blaster that is current. Yes, the Deploy is the epitome of flail in the primary class of magazine fed blasters but its time is past. Had you asked me that question three years ago, pre-Elite, I'd have certainly looked into it.

Boff wrote:
Had you asked me that question three years ago, pre-Elite, I'd have certainly looked into it.

And then run away screaming?

I have a remedy for the deploy, it's called the "Air Derploy" and the spec is something like this,
Shell glued open
Telescopic brass breech- world first, my design
AT3k Air tank and blast button,
Miniature compressor in the stock, set to cut off at the max pressure for the tank. Powered by 3s lipo.
Set up for short stockers or Stefan darts only.
Long Aluminium barrel hidden under a recon barrel extension.
bi pod

That will hit at least 150fps, more if you are silly with the tank pressure. The problem is I have only started hacking at the shell and then I thought "I can't use this at most games" and went back to making something I could use! I will finish it eventually.

Not necessarily. Smile I'm sure something could be done to it. What, I don't know because I've not looked but as BPN points out, it's only a matter of time, energy and capital.

Boff wrote:
it's only a matter of time, energy and capital.

You say capital, I say donor blasters! I googled direct plunger Deploys and got nothing, but from an internal stand point, you could essentially do what several have done with Retaliator internals in the longstrike. The added advantage is there is less to mod with the bolt sled and plunger. It's very similar to SGNerfs Retaliator to Recon internals swap.

The Derploy is a figure of fun. It's obsolete now never to be replaced (much like my beloved Stampede and the Longstrike)

It would be cool to see what could be done with one - heck my Clear Deploy that Josh wrote so strangely about didnt fare too terribly at BAGW2.

Psyk' s YouTube channel has an elite deploy he made, with a walk through.

Added this, with apologies to Mr Shakespeare

To pun or not to pun: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slingfires and Big Bad Bow arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take Strongarms against a sea of Doublestrikes,
And by opposing mod them?

Possibly the worst idea EVER!!!

Tell Hasbro to send the deploy to Nerf rehab... What could possibly go wrong I hear you cry! A stock longstrike is what. :p


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