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Oh Doominator

I blame Josh. This tiny ditty applies to all the "new" stuff I have seen so far.

Is this the real line?
Or is this just fantasy?
Caught in a gimmick landslide
No escape from mediocrity

Open your eyes
Look at its size and see
It's just a Strongarm, you need our sympathy
Because it's easy sell, easy dough
Price is high, performance low,
Anyway this thing blows and doesn't really matter TOOOOO MEEEEE.....

Hasbro, you just disappointed a nerd
Put images in his head
Of great primaries but they're dead
Hasbro, the year has just begun
But now you've gone and toyed it all away.

Nerf, Oooh
Don't be afraid to try
If we don't buy this tomorrow
carry on, carry on
As if we didn't matter

Too late, no new Stampede
Sent us pistols in all lines
Single shooters every time
Goodbye functionality, and full-auto
You've left it all behind to save a blow

Etc etc

I also dedicate this to SBNC Rob and his new moustache!

Feel free to add your own verses if you disagree. Head banging optional. With apologies to the late great Mr F Mercury.

That's genuinely awesome Twisted Evil

AHAHAHAHAH - judging by the Modulous picture ive just seen this is very very true .

Although the Doominator might be a laugh when its 20 Razz

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