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Old-school Barricade mods the nu-skool way

Picked up a Barricade for a few bucks from Goodwill on honeymoon in the USA.

First mod was two rings of bike innertube glued to the flywheels to help them grip elite / koosh / waffle darts.

Second mod was to 3d print a mag-well for a clip conversion. That came out too big for the blaster. I did creating a Barricade-specific clip conversion kit on CAD - but I figured community interest would be close to zero. I got out the dremel and glue gun instead.

Re-wired it today to take tiny 2S or 3S LIPO packs. It's a screamer. The jump from 3xAA to 2S is massive, 3S seems to make little difference over 2S. I printed a bigger battery door too and gave it a stryfe style rev switch.

The big blue mag is a 6-dart from thingiverse I printed with my own custom extender. It takes 17 darts. It replaces the chinesey 12-dart I dropped and smashed at Bristol Blast. It uses the broken mag's spring.


'Cause a honeymoon's about priorities, right ;0) I can just hear the conversation now...

Them:"Tahiti looks nice..."
You: "But the Thrifting, baby... the THRIFTING!"

Seriously - great job! Only just scored my first Stockade and Barricade last week and hope to give them some loving soon too.

What's the printed bit on the tac-rail? Camera attachment?

It was something like that.

Yep, camera attachment - Mobius to tac rail from thingiverse. It's two colours because I ran out of filament mid-print!

That's brilliant. And of course there are no barricades you could have bought in the UK  Laughing

I recently got a Barricade and I was surprised at how nice it felt in my hand clip mod might help it to being a sweet little side arm. Nice one.

How does it feel putting in the Nerf and 3d printed mags? Scratchy?

Yep, scratchy indeed. Particularly the printed mag in printed well.

The dart pusher in the printed mag also has that typical 3d print scratchy action that comes from using low resolution PLA prints. PLA is a very hard plastic. Low res prints definitely have a texture to them.

I think if some care was taken with plastic choice, resolution and orietation on the print bed the parts would have a more buttery operation.

Love the amount of effort that's gone into that!

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