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Omfg I think I actuall have a problem

Dear Derdrie

I think I may be a Nerf addict, when I wake up I have to check the Brit Nerf forum for new posts, following this I have to check ebay for any bargins. I spend my day at work looking for things to 3D print for my Nerf guns. I get frustrated with my colleges for wanting to print non Nerf related items. I then have to mod. This can go on for hours with me becoming agitated if I am asked to do actual work. I have folder on my pc dedicated to each Nerf gun I own containing mod info and cad files. When I get home on a FridayI drink and buy more! I just want them all! I just want to fling foam at my friends at 100+ fps. Nerf channels on you tube are not updated fast enough! What should I do? Sad



No point in telling anyone here that, they are all as bad/worse!
Get in Britnerf Discord and on Nerf Redditt to make it worse...

Welcome to Britnerf.

What is "britnerf discon" ?

Read my drunken ramblings this morning lol, now I better get to  and pick up my drunk buy hyperfire!

Thanks for your courage in sharing. I think it's often terminal, though...

You're in the right place, and more importantly you are not alone.

However I am impressed with your organization!

My Nerf addiction is completely healthy- the most expensive Nerf blasters are still less expensive than the car or bike parts I'd be buying and ruining normally. Basically Nerf is my methadone  Laughing

Dan_jackson1985 wrote:
What is "britnerf discon" ?

Discord is a text / voice chat system. Think irc mixed with teamspeak.

britnerf has a channel on there that people like me are almost always connected to. Sometimes it's just general life chat, some times its Nerf related, sometimes it's modding or painting related.

Every few weeks, OldNoob announces an organised chat, often after there's a couple of wars, and we discuss how they went, what game types and share ideas.

the most expensive Nerf blasters are still less expensive than the car or bike parts I'd be buying and ruining normally.

I'm with you there, I'm a new father so I've had to change hobbies as 20 per week pocket money does not go far in the car/bike world!

Nerf was one of those things I always wanted as a kid but never actually got into. Making up to it now I'm a man-child!

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