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Ok, so i know orange mod works kits dont have the best rep at the moment but i fancied the flipfury kit so decided to take a punt.

Heres what comes in the kit

Upgraded spring, plunger rod with redesigned slam fire catch.
Metal trigger and trigger catch. Catch and trigger springs. O ring and grease.

Heres a close up of the slamfire catch, with the bit thats been reinforced

And all the bits fitted

Easy enough fit, as for results.
Power is noticeably increased. As is prime and trigger pull. Also the flip mech isnt as smooth as it has to work against the increased resistance caused by the main spring pushing the plunger forward.

If this holds up I'll be very pleased.

Will keep you updated as testing progresses.

put around 100 shots through so far, no failures yet 🙂
Slam fire function seems to be gone now though. And flip function a bit less reliable but i think that should be fixable by doubling up the spring that pushes the plunger assembly back.

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Modifications
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