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OMW Hammershot S1 kit

Morning all, got this in my inbox today;

Hey everyone,

The Hammershot S1 Kit (new version) is now in stock for $45. The kit includes:

- 6-shot cylinder
- Cylinder pin
- Cylinder screws (2x)
- Ergonomic hammer
- Trigger
- 8kg mainspring
- Replacement plunger seal
- O-Tac Gear stickers

The 6 shot cylinder sounds appealing, but what about the rest?  From most of what I've read, the more you modify the Hanmershot the worse it gets?

Buy a 7 shot cylinder from OutOfDarts, add a spacer on the stock spring, be happy.
I can however confirm that the metal hammer and sear on this new kit is forged, it has no case hardening, but isn't soft cast material like the last lot. They cycled the action 1000 times for me taking photos before and after to prove its not going to immediately round off.
The main problem is the Blasterparts kit, the OMW one had issues previously with rotation as well, which they assure us are fixed.
There is less mechanical advantage in uprated springs in the Hammershot due to its mainspring operating the plunger via a linkage instead of directly. I would expect real world performance from this kit to be about 85-90fps max.

OldNoob wrote:
...There is less mechanical advantage in uprated springs in the Hammershot due to its mainspring operating the plunger via a linkage instead of directly.

True, but by the tiniest margin. I sincerely doubt that the difference is noticeable.

Glad to hear that the hammers have been made properly. I was hugely disappointed with the German ones (although, having said that mine is at about 2000 darts and hasn't failed once).

Look at the power difference between a fully compressed stock spring and the ONW upgrade one, it's not much at all. I probably need to test both those but I would need a stock Hammershot. Kev, maybe a big Hammershot shoot out is required? Anyone who wants their stock  Hammershot to be modded free by me, PM me, I will put in whichever Spring shoots best out of OMW or stock and a spacer. I have a Blasterparts one in my repair pile.

EDIT- Stock Hammershot sourced from Franksie, Spring incoming. Expect data next month.

Well I brought this...Sucker for Hammershot 'goodness.'

I own 7 hammershots that are either self-modded or contain various kits, prob regret buying it like most things OMW apart from the Retaliator S3 kit  Smile

Glad to hear the hammer is sturdy.  I never got the first version and I am now waiting very impatiently for the NvZ one to be available.

Waltzz wrote:
I own 7 hammershots

happy to take any or all of them off your hands if you ever feel the urge to spread some of the love... Wink Laughing

Maybe one day...I have a thing for the hammer action blasters. I feel like a Drac wannabe  Embarassed

I only have one, this will change.

8kg omw spring is definitely worth it over the stock spring, gotta try the worker spring too.

I'd hang fire on that - OldNoob is doing a hammershot Spring shootout for his YouTube channel at the moment

Ah, that'll be interesting... Thing that surprised me a bit was that I got very nearly as good results from a spring spacer, as I did with my ACC spring which is noticably stiffer, and double springing with a stock elite spring only added like 6-7fps on top of that with a big usability hit. Intrigued to see what ON finds and what other stuff he has to try.

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