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Forged in tears and hushed swear words, at the strike of midnight, I give you P.E.A.T (Purple Elite Alpha original).

This is a simple cosmetic mod for my daughters birthday, left till the last minute to put together. I thought about going a bit crazier with the decorations but thought I'd keep it simple for this one.

The brief I was given was simple, my daughter told me she wanted a purple Nerf gun. I hope I have delivered what she wanted.

The cosmetic part of the build went well, learning from all my other mistakes certainly leads to better results.

Reassembling the EAT on the other hand.......I don't know where I was going wrong or why it was not working at first, but its working at this point in time I don't care. However before I do up the other 4 in my loft I had better do a little bit more research.

So what's everyones thoughts on the paint scheme? I am still not sure on the red and pink combo.

**And some how part of the stock escaped the painting process!**

Looks ace,

loving the purple, what paint is that? Got a swarmfire that would look good in  similar i think.

Nice work

It's Ford Purple Velvet from Halfords. Had a slight metallic shimmer to it before I clear coated it. Make sure you use a Halfords primer first. I used their grey one (as can be seen in the handle) and I've had no issues.

Looks awesome!

Looks great.  I'm currently modding an original AT and I'm really not looking forward to putting it back together after the paint job

Love that, nice work!

Do you do the detail work (pink stuff here) with brush paints?

Yes I did and it was a pain in the arse. Firstly because the paint was so thin it needed two or three coats, and then because some bits are so thin it's almost impossible to paint without making mistakes. I did try and do the lettering on Elite Alpha Trooper pink, but that just was not raised enough.

PEAT's gorgeous. That's a lovely job. We're got some talented people on this forum. I'll look forward to seeing that in the flesh over the coming year ^_^

This is a beaut well done

Purple = awesome.

As much as I love this blaster, this post really belongs in the 'modifications and Paintjobs' thread since it's not a write up.

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