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Im looking to so a legit looking paintjob on a future mod (By legit I mean Nerf-like looking)
Someone at GuN had an OP stryfe with a yellow paint job that looked very 'legit'.


What is the actual question? Please take some care to make a post that firstly makes any sense at all and secondly has actual grammar and punctuation. So far this post is gibberish. If you want an answer on how to create something, asking a question will get answers.  ON


I suspect you mean tbr's bright yellow stryfe

blindgeekuk wrote:
tbr's bright yellow stryfe

Yes I do. That thing looks great and is such a beast. Is it just spray paint? If so, what kind?

My ears were burning.....

That was a nice simple paintjob as I wanted something I wouldn't cry over if/when it got all scuffed, unlike the golden gun which was showing wear and tear after it's first outing! I also wanted something that was obviously not a real weapon as I was painting the orange parts black.

The blaster was all sanded down to remove Digital Camo/Nerf text and all the pattened grip. Then the whole blaster was primed with Halfords White Primer, then the grip, mag surround, and barrel were painted with Halford Black spray paint. The white top section was then given a generous spray with Halfords Fluorescent Yellow spray, (not enough though as I've spotted some areas I missed, always spray stuff in good lighting!)

I then added some thin black lines over the Yellow (basic black acrylic paint), following some of the stryfe's natural lines in the moulding but really wish I hadn't bothered as I should know by now that my hand painting is terrible, maybe this time I'll learn from it and not do it again.

Finally the whole thing was covered in a generous number of layers of Halford Body Laquer. Can you guess what shop is 2 minutes walk from my house? Smile

I also added a 3s lipo, Rhino's and a voltmeter in the rear stock point.

Since GuN I have also added a GoPro mount to the Extended Battery Door, the footage looks like an FPS game as you can see the blaster in the footage.  Razz

tbr wrote:
My ears were burning.....

I really dig that look though. It looks, at least from the brief time that I looked at it, like a legit yellow hasbro blaster, as if the blaster was cast like that.

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