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Performance improvements with off the shelf products

With the recent battery threads, the trend for hydro dipping, masterkey blaster combinations, and the extensive use of duct tape  Very Happy  on the modifications forum it might present a new user with the impression that modding is a relatively technical exercise. And that it requires a significant investment in a set of tools, a soldering iron and a steep learning curve for skills to be able to gain any real performance improvements.

I thought a thread looking at some more ‘off the shelf’ modifications would be useful. Just to reset the level at which people can start getting higher performance out of a blaster whilst only needing a screwdriver and possibly an allen key to install parts.

So to start the ball rolling i thought i’d present my Retaliator. This has had some basic internal modifications done (mostly taking things out) and then 3rd party off the shelf products added to enhance it’s performance.

Retaliator with barrel - a stock blaster with great performance out the box. The internal locks have been removed but even this isn’t completely necessary. There are plenty of online guides for lock removal. Cost - between £15 and £30 for the blaster depending on how well you shop around.

Blastersmiths 5kg Elite spring - an essential for any springer modification. If you do nothing else to your blaster you won’t regret adding one of these. The Retaliator has the advantage of being very easy to install the spring into, and the catch plate spring is already strong enough to take the extra force. Cost £5 from Boff & co -

Gavinfuzzy pump grip - to speed up the rate of fire a pump action foregrip is invaluable. I chose the Gavinfuzzy model and can recommend it for ease of fitting and ergonomics. Other options are available from Worker et al. Some assembly is required and the blaster has to be opened up to install the kit but there are comprehensive instructions available on line. Contact Gavin via his facebook page Cost approx £30 depending on your requirements.

Worker stock - purely a cosmetic modification because the standard stock is too short for me. Cost approx £10 - £15 on ebay.

Red dot sight - another cosmetic mod. One of the few picatinny rail mount sights that attach directly to Nerf tactical rails. Available direct from or on eBay for about £8.

Performance overall is excellent. Chrono data for the retaliator can be found in the appropriate sub-forum on BritNerf. Rate of fire is as fast as you can pump the grip but is a marked improvement over using the top slide of the original blaster.

Ergonomics wise this blaster has one of the largest pistol grips which is ideal for the ‘more mature’ player and it fits me perfectly. It's become my go to blaster for just about anything where i want reliability, controlled rate of fire and a decent fps.

Total cost for the blaster is about £70. If i removed some of the cosmetic mods then the blaster with spring and pump grip comes in around £50 which is a much better bang for buck rate of return. But then sometimes you shouldn’t put a price on these things Smile

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