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portable chargers

Will a portable charger for a mobile phone ruin the battery if used too often?
Im hoping that the electronic guru's on here can explain.......

Short answer? It shouldn't.

In reality though it depends on your particular portable charger. If it doesn't stop charging the battery when it's reached its rated voltage or if it has fast, rapid, quick etc. in the name (the faster you charge a battery then generally the shorter its lifespan will be). You can check if the charger has to high an output for your phone by comparing the output/input current specs for each device (charger and phone respectively). Of your don't have the manual then you can get a good idea by looking at the current output rating of the charger that came with it (usually the same but sometimes a bit lower than the maximum rating for the phone). If your portable charger has a higher discharge rate than your standard charger then the battery lifespan may be shortened.

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