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Portable childrens Nerf arena / cage for little people

Privet comrades, after the skirmish on the weekend I've been thinking it would be a good thing to have a mini speed Nerf arena to keep the tiny people occupied while the rest of us reload, chat and generally recuperate between rounds.

So brain storming time and examples of success from others is what I am after for the quickest/easiest/cheapest way to do that in time for April.

At the moment it's looking like I'll need just shy of 700 feet of tubing (plus joints, tarp and mesh etc) to make the "ideal" arena so that will have to wait a while :p though I dare say it would pay for itself if I dropped into some local schools during their summer fairs.

For the mean time would just some wooden posts and hazard tape suffice?

You can buy used/ cheap beach windbreakers of ebay if you wanted the posts and 50m of plastic tape can be easily got for under 5. It wouldn't be perfect but it would show some boundaries.

Shady-daze wrote:
For the mean time would just some wooden posts and hazard tape suffice?

Potentially, I tend to shy away from anything that isn't solid quality wood as being impaled on splintered breaks isn't top of my list, but as oak broom handles are available for bulk cheaply online they are tempting, though I also want to avoid anything hammered into the ground in case it's frowned upon/we need to make use of the tennis courts due to weather.

Davidov wrote:
I also want to avoid anything hammered into the ground in case it's frowned upon

You could possibly put the broom handles into the top of traffic cones as as a stabilizer, although you would have to use the fairly big heavy ones.

I have had success indoors with running lines (well above head height) and hanging weighted fabric as easily stored and transported barriers. Problem is the small amount of trees around to hook on to limits the placement options. It may be tricky to get the lines high enough, but i am willing to climb.

Put up a crowd funding request, I would chip in, font bear all the cost of kit yourself, the community is happy to contribute and we will know where to find more barriers if we have a national game.

Also, have you thought about running a shooting gallery? Set up a load of empty plastic bottles at various heights/distances, and kids can time how low it takes to knock them all down. Doesn't take up much space, is easy for someone to overview, and promotes healthy competition between the kids when you record the times.

Possibly a bit simpler than setting up a suitable space for a battle

Shooting gallery works ok but need at least 3 adults to run about resetting targets supervising reloading and grabbing the spent darts. A dust sheet on a rail works well to stop stray darts.

The gallery was the other idea that came to mind, the ability to put a barrier around the area to both contain darts and the little people was a part of why I lean towards the arena.

And da, crowd funding once I have the best costed option planned as I couldn't bankroll it at the moment even if I wanted to, a year and a bit of living off savings wile your new business is not making all that much will do that to you, I miss being able to randomly buy group kit for events because it's cool looking.

I have two main concerns about this idea but I'll start off with a question to get a better idea of what's going on.

Why? Obviously I wasn't at the event Saturday so I'm finding it difficult to understand why there is a need for this. I can understand that people will want/need to bring their families to events but are there enough young kiddies to warrant a sidestall to entertain them?

My first issue is supervision. If I bring my kids to an event, I wouldn't feel comfortable asking someone else to look after them whilst I ran in a game. It's not a trust issue, just that my kids are mental and I wouldn't want to inflict them on other people.

Secondly, as soon as you start to erect a structure/cordon of an area you're going to attract attention from the park wardens. Although you're not doing anything wrong by playing there, they still have the authority to turf you out should they get concerned. Most London parks wont let you hammer anything into the ground or put up a gazebo, I should imagine they'd have a fit if you rocked up with some inflatables and a load of barrier tape. I once got collared for pegging down a picnic blanket in Greenwich Park. The chap tried to issue me with a fine but I managed to charm my way out of it.

UKNerfWar wrote:
My first issue is supervision.

There's another issue with supervision: the creche effect. Bristol Blast, GuN and other games have a strict child supervision policy. If you bring your kids you have to be on site and supervising them at all times. You don't get to use our wars as a way to have a few hours free from the kids. You either get involved or you stand on the side lines looking like a muppet. A separate side area, even if it doesn't get fuzzed, is only going to encourage that sort of dump kids, pick up later thing.

I think you're trying to solve a problem that we all have in the wrong way.

I just wanted to make a cool arena and an adult one would cost too much :'(

But all points noted UkNerf, we had a handful of little people over the weekend and my main thought was that when the rest of us wanted to chat or refuel between games the little people wanted to keep running around and have games organised for them. The parents have all been excellent at looking after their own little (and not so little) people and generally helping things runa  lot smoother with dart pick ups and timing thus far. We have been lucky that our non players have been as great as our players.

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