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Potential Deal on Stryfes

If I were to tell you that I could potentially get 100s of OJ Stryfes for 6 each, who would be interested?
Blasters would be 'used' and supplied without a clip.
Let me know how many you'd potentially want and I'll see if I can make it happen.

Count me as interested, though I have no immediate application for one and I've probably spent enough on Nerf lately. I can certainly see a use for a ready resource of easily moddable blasters with reasonably balanced flywheels though.

Were you planning on getting just as many as people asked for and sending them to them, or buying them up and keeping them in stock for later sale? With production ending I'd love to know there's a place I could still go to get my hands on one.

600 squid is a lot of capital to tie up but I'm sure you'd make it back though the rate of return would likely be pretty slow with how many must already be out there.. I'd take one for spares though. I have a plan to chop up a Stryfe into a smaller Stryfe.. A Sty?

I don't plan to buy the whole lot. I'm just considering how many to pitch for. I might get 20 or so and see how it goes.

Im in for one or two at that price!

Would be interested in around 5 ish. Do you need to buy 100 to get them for 6 each?

I'd take 2 or 3 at that price Smile

If this is from the FB seller I think it is, might want to hang fire.

I'm  waiting on an order that has had two different reasons for not reaching me yet and seller no longer responding to messages.

Hopefully all is good and theres a legitimate reason for the delay, theres a chance they might even see this here.

Will keep you posted.

I have responded to this with photos of have far the parcel has got with the tracking.

My Hermes are difficult at the best of times,I seem to have a very unhelpful branch of drop off places around me,very rude people to say the least.

Have been looking into other options for delivery but they are the only way to keep it cheap,but I will now be giving a choice of postage options.

Use parcel force 48 tracked. MyHerpes are a hopeless company, with widely divergent local service ranging from utterly laughable to OK. I ship blasters all over the world, parcel force and Royal Mail have a 100% success rate for me over 3 years. I don't think anyone would mind a slightly higher aggregate cost in exchange for their blaster actually arriving.

nerfyugioh wrote:
I have responded to this with photos of have far the parcel has got with the tracking.

More words words words.

Just wondering if I've got this right, does that mean you are the original source for these blasters?

As I'm likely to owe Sparky 2 if my parcel doesn't unlose itself is be interested in 2

All that have bought from me have gone Royal Mail so it should have no trouble getting to those that have bought them.

This in uknerfwars sale so he is the one selling them,it's down to him if he wants to say who his source is.

All good in the hood, 😃

Order arrived today, thanks.

I could be up for one or a couple just don't tell my wife

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