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Pre Build Wiring Looms

Hi all,

I'm opening up for orders on pre build/soldered wiring looms. My skill set includes work with all variations of brushed Nerf Mod motors. I will offer any loom that can be purchased from BSUK. Lead times for less common looms may vary. I have greater experience with mostly Rapidstrike and Stryfe wiring. I have worked with MOSFET style circuits for a while now and have grown highly confident. A display of a few pieces of work can be seen throughout the Modifications sub forum.

I will initially purchase and fabricate kits to order. I will proceed to bulk order through BSUK if a large amount of interest is gained. This means that Looms will have lead times in the beginning but the speed of manufacture will increase as popularity also increases. Please either PM me for further information, Email is available on my profile.


How much for a Demolisher kit?

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Trading
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