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Project Gateway Drug: 2500M

Leigh,  there's a section at the bottom specifically for you.

So, on Friday I completed a very satisfactory deal with TanithLord and came into possession of a Demolisher and TriStrike.
That night I was reminded of a mate's birthday on Wednesday. This mate is interested in Nerf but hasn't attempted any mods as yet so I decided that I'd mod up the Demo quick-sharp as a last minute present so I set to it that night.
I decided I was going to do a 'simple rewire' leaving a XT60 in place to allow for future Lipo action if he bites.

Having watched OldNoob/FDS/Tom's video I thought I was prepped. Thought I understood how cramped the bugger is. I didn't really. There's only the one space you can really install new components (forward of the fwc) fortunately...

...MosFet to the rescue!
With this I used the stock loom to just carry the signal voltage to the fet. I left all the original wire in and and cut out the fwc. I shrunk the snipped negative end and used the positive as the feed to the Gate of the Mosfet. That, I thought, was pretty clever.

What wasn't clever was when I start to think I could mess with the connections between the Dean's (to make the fwc modular) and the XT60 (to bridge the shells with high power lines) and ended up with a un-modular fwc and an XT60 that may be too far from the battery tray for a Lipo lead.
On the other half of the shell I wired the battery tray terminals with 16awg (leaving the original 24awg (?) in place and the female Xt60.

...So...  Nothing particularly special about this mod, not really... But...

...It's finished! Revs up significantly faster than a stock Stryfe and the motors appear to be topping out at higher revs on alkalines.

This is my 4th Mosfet circuit but the very first time I've put the screws back in knowing I've completed what I set out to do.  The other projects I'm working on will be vastly more impressive and, in the case of the Modulus, the first I started but this one will be the first I finished.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with the indulgent post and I hope it shows how useful fets can be in making things so much easier. I didn't have to unscrew a single part of the trigger mech, remove a single component.  All those bits, normally useless to the cause, could all sit as it is and work for me in carrying the signal to the Mosfet whilst the motor current travels through my sweet, sweet resistanceless 16awg.

Your blaster is one of maybe 1,000 Mosfet builds and maybe 20 Mosfeted Demolishers in the UK (source: guestimations by guys on Discord).
It still has the original wiring in, carrying the signal to the Mosfet that makes the newly installed high power circuit.
This means the blaster still won't fire when there isn't a mag present or the jam door is open but as the current to the motors is moving through the much shorter length of fat wire that provides more more power for them allowing them to spin up quicker and fire faster.
As the circuit can safely cope with more current you can also upgrade your batteries to IMRs (link below) and if you want to take it further change the motors and upgrade your batteries to Lipos (though get me involved if you want to do this,  I'll have to explain the mess I made with the plugs and undo probably).
Anyway,  Happy Birthday Bud!

Mod sounds pretty good

Ha! You bit! Now it's up to you to give it a proper name and continue the thread when/if you mod it further.

That's quite funny, I'm happy tearing any blaster to bits and rewiring but mosfets are like wytchcrafte to me  Laughing Good job!

I know I'm turning into some kind of Fet advocate but they are a lot easier than they appear after you've done a couple..  I guess I'm coming at this backwards doing Fets first but if I'm honest I'm dreading doing a normal rewire and having to make space for for fat wire and fat switches..  But I know I'm going to have tackle one at some stage. I've got a Stryfe lying around so may give that a go.. Got a lot on my plate at the mo though..  Pikachu and Typhon are Projects with a capital P.

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