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Proud moment.

Currently away camping up in Fort William in the Highlands. My son and I usually take a couple of blasters wherever we go butas we were packing I decided to put in a load of extra blasters, darts and goggles just incase. Last night we started having a small shoot out between us and all of a sudden it started to grow as we other kids were watching and asked if they could join in. We ended up with eight players from four different country's speaking the international language of foam flinging. Played in quiet a small area and two teams of four and after three hits you had to respawn at your Base but if you were captured while respawning you were out. Young Dutch boy called Jorge suggested the game and it was great fun, we played several rounds until the famous Highland midges  got the better of us. Maybe we'll have another game tonight. Proud moment Very Happy

Epic! Unplanned Nerf is best Nerf.

I'm currently slowly upping the guys' and gals' game at work slowly.

So I can bring my rapidstrike in...

Superb! That's literally what it's all about! I love it.

I had similar this weekend, was picking out stuff to sell because of an imminent move, and was mobbed by the local kids. Best point, 3 year old sat on the driveway, keeping the others at bay with the havok fire and 50 round belt

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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