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PSA: Nerf Battlescout Spring Upgrades

Just as a general PSA, I tried putting one of our Firestrike sized springs into the Battlescout the other day. I grabbed it cheap from Argos over Black Friday because I wanted the camera.

Superficially, the two springs look very similar. The closed ends on the FS spring add an extra 2mm or so extra on the free length and render the spring unworkable. There is too much length for the spring to catch when installed. I would upload photos/video but the lack of bandwidth is a problem.

Mostly just a PSA. The Battlescout isn't fantastic as a blaster and will likely be a footnote in the Modulus line but we did the work so you don't have to. Smile

That's weird the internals look like the ones from the Guardian Crossbow/Vagabond and I'm sure I've heard of people upgrading those before.

We were somewhat surprised, too. When compared to the Strongarm  assembly, it looks pretty much identical. Likewise the Vagabond but the difference is small enough to be significant. I initially put it down to manufacturing variance but it's too large even for Hasbro. If others are able to dispute them then I'm all ears... Smile

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