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Putting Britnerfer video links on the end of my videos..

I want to give something back by adding links to videos from other content creators in the Britnerf community. Plus I've been made to laugh a couple of times by other videos I've found on channels with next to no subs or activity!

If you've got a video you'd like me to put onto the end of one of mine, if you could either post or PM, I'll put them onto the end of the videos I make.

I don't want anything in return. This is not one of those stupid subscribe to win a shoutout things which I keep getting spammed by.

Plus, if you know someone you think deserves a little more exposure, I'll link that too.

I hope you don't mind, but I've put on one of your GuN videos on this one, TBR.  Thereafter, I'm hoping to share others' videos, starting with Britnerfers.

If you wanted to proudly display the Britnerf logo at the end of your videos too that would be fab. Feel free to get in touch for the files.

PM sent.

Of course I don't mind, I wouldn't put my video's online if I didn't want people to see them Smile Your welcome (in fact any of you are) to do anything you like with any video's I might put together.

I certainly wouldn't say no to any free plugs you care to throw my way.  Linky link in the signature below 😀


I'm going to put a special slide on the end of my next video for it. I was going to this video, but I got distracted and forgot with some other stuff I wanted on the end of it...

Nice gesture and thanks Smile

Just a jolt
Have you had chance to go through the footage to captured at GuN13 yet? Has it turned out ok?

I haven't yet! I'll be doing gun 13 and 12 shortly ^_^

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