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Quick question re: transparent materials

I think I'm going to need a piece of something transparent to use as a cover for the OLED screen on my latest blaster but I'm unsure about what material I'm looking for, would it be Perspex?

Could someone point me in the right direction?

Look at this on eBay
Something like this might work
Starfalcon Tactical

There are plenty of transparent materials around. Polycarbonate and acrylic sheet plastics are easy to work with and come in a range of colours (or flavours  Laughing ). Acrylic in paticular can be bent into shape on a wire heater. and polycarbonate is tough (I believe its a varient of Bulletproof "glass")
Both acrylic and polycarbonate are available in a colourless transparent or in coulored varients.
I recon for a protective job these would be perfectly adequate to prevent scratches and chips in whatever you want to protect.

It basically comes down to whatever you cna get your hands on for a reasonable price.

those are the ones I know straight away but after some tinkering on google:
Butyrate (cellulose acetate butyrate)
and PETG (glycol modified polyethylene terphthalate)
(Might want to do some of your own research on those though)

In terms of tools, a bandsaw, hacksaw or wiresaw can be used to cut plastics accurately (Or a laser cutter if you have access to one!) but any tools that you can use on other plastics or wood.

Also, If you wanted to send me some designs I might be able to laser cut some acrylic plastic for you. this will mean its very accurate and clean cut. PM me if interested and i'll see what I can do.

Thanks guys for your help, it looks like acrylic is going to do the job for me, thanks Starfalcon for the offer of cutting for me but I'm simply after a rectangle that I'm going to bolt onto the side of the blaster so I think I should be able to handle that myself.

I'm planning on bolting the acrylic to the outside of the blaster covering a hole in the shell that will show the OLED screen though that will be attached to the other side of the bolts. This should solve the protecting of the screen and the attaching of the screen to the shell in one go.

An old CD case?

Treezy wrote:
An old CD case?

As most of the CD's I possess are of awesome dance tunes circa 1996-1999 I think I'll leave them classics alone! (Digs through archive to listen to some n-trance, scooter and PVD etc)

One thing with acrylic is it's quite cracky- very easy to break while drilling and if you're screwing it on, you need to be very careful about countersinking and not overtightening. It can be a right pain in the baws tbh. But it's otherwise quite a nice material to work with. Never done anything with polycarb myself

Polycarbonate will give you the best impact resistance and is much easier to work with. It's more expensive but much better than acrylic for this application.

You can get pre-cut sheets on eBay.

If you're in a hurry, Hobbycraft sell sheets of clear PVC. Much softer than the other two materials but easier to work with.

Thanks again guys for all the extra info above, I've currently got a small piece of Acrylic and a small piece of Polycarbonate coming in the post. I'll take a look at both when they arrive and see what to go with, as Northwind says acrylic can be a bit of a bugger I may go with the polycarb.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this forum is full of great people. I was expecting a reply with a couple of bullet pointed materials, instead I get not only ebay links but also information about each material and why I might want/not want to use it. Thank guys!
Starfalcon Tactical

I've never enountered any problems with cracking acrylic but I usually use faily thick stuff (6+mm rather than 3mm normal) but i choose it mainly for the variety of colours. As well as it behaves itself in the laser cutter unlike polycarbonate which ive heard is a bugger to engrave and cut. But anyway good lick with the project!

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