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R -1: Rhino's Rayven

So here is my latest completed MOD.

I have painted the Rayven with Halfords Grey Primer and Matt Black, a red enamel for the details.
It has a full 16 AWG rewire, with Rhino motots and running off a 3s 850mAH 45C lipo.

After a quick shoot over the Chrono it is shooting at an average of 85fps. I feel this is a bit low so I will retest when there is decent light again.

So what does everyone think of the paint job, I nearly went with a Hydrodip but felt it would work better with a simple  paint job.

85FPS doesn't surprise me. I got 92FPS out the front of a Rayven with a very similar build to yours. That long faux barrel is a night mare for performance.

I love the nice simple but effective paint job, especially with the matching clip. Values seem a little low, but like boff says, are probably in the right kind of area. Justajolt might have chrono values for his

180 Rayven not much better, that was on new Rayven flywheels though. They are a crappy fit on mod motor spindles, get some Stryfe or similar ones on it if you want a bit more power.

Love the space trooper utilitarian look and a great use of paints that are handy to have around for other projects.


I love the primer look... my EAT project'd become kind of pointless so I've put it on the back shelf but it was going to be my Primery Primary  Laughing grey and black with red oxide highlights  Laughing But I think it suits the rayven even better

I have a thing for the Rayven, and I love it! Every gorgeous Rayven I see brings me closer to doing something cosmetically to mine. Spectacular!

I had forgotten it had the long barrell. I guess I cant hope for too much from it, it performed ok today. Maybe I will get a set of Flywheels for it and see how that affects things.

Justajolt, what is yours getting on your Chrono?

Would a smooth barrel like worker reduce some of the loss, or would it make five sixth of F#ck all difference. Looks good by the way

No, it wouldn't make any difference. The darts will still contact the barrel on exit and lose velocity. It has fluted barrel already, the gain from smooth over that is minimal.

God damn, that red enamel looks sexy.

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