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Rayven/Barricade Afterburner Integration

Have you seen anyone attempt an integration where the front of a Barricade is placed into the front of a Rayven to create afterburners? I haven't found any build like that, but I am intrigued...

I don't have any Barricades yet, but the shell seems to be quite symmetrical around the barrel, just like on the Rayven (at least compared to a Stryfe). I suppose the Barricade front is more bulky than the Rayven, but the integration could end up with a nice futuristic look.

If anyone has input regarding this, I'm all ears!  Smile

People use just the cages from the Barricade so that the afterburnerz fit inside the Rayven shell. Get your saw out and make it, who cares if or how someone else did it? I very rarely look at other people's work when creating my stuff.

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