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Rayven - Halo MA5D Assault rifle

Project: Halo MA5D Rifle
Base Blaster: Nerf Rayven

Why? Because this is the blaster I have always wanted since I playing the first halo in a demo booth at the local game store at the age of fourteen. It has taken a few months to bring together the parts but finally it has all fallen into place…
Before anyone asks, the ‘Battleworn’ white paintjob with orange hardware was chosen as I feel that  it gives the blaster some serious looks but does not cross the line with regards to using it outside. (The barrel can be swapped with a black one if I feel like it)

I do not exaggerate when I say that my first 15 minutes of testing consisted of me prowling around my house whilst humming this… (

Internal mods:
- 16awg rewire with 22 amp microswitch
- Rhino motors
- Worker wheels
- 3s graphine lipo
- Lock removal
- Arduino ammo counter w/IR gate ( custom order)
- Front torch or laser w/pressure switch
- On/off rocker switch

External mods:
- Removal of top handle
- Modification of flywheel cage to allow as much removal of the handle as possible
- 3d printed MA5C front section, worker barrel and retaliator extension
- Battleworn white paint scheme (by FDS)
- Original orange hardware to allow it to be used both at private and public events

Personal learnings:
- Do no use Hycote paints, after 4 coats of white over 2 coats of grey primer, a clear topcoat rendered the whole lot semi-transparent. – the science behind this is quite cool btw, refractive indexes and so forth.
- Do not use paint on epoxy to smooth 3d prints, it is not effective and difficult to manage over larger surfaces. the youtube tutorials are on small models over which curing time does not come into play

Special credits:

Nathaniel –, for being a top bloke and putting up with my stupid questions about Arduino boards
Tom – FDS, for painting over my original crappy paintjob and smoothing out the 3d parts

I am a terrible photographer, the images below do not do it justice at all. This weekend I will take some shots in proper lighting on a black backdrop for you all.


That's very cool. Did you get the Ammo counter that operates off the trigger or with a barrel light gate?

Incidentally..  not getting any less cooler.

IR gate, simply because when I bought the part I didn't know which blaster build I was going to put it in. I prefer the IR gate as it wouldn't count jams.

The only difference really to the standard loom you can buy and this is that I asked them to make the ribbon cable between the Arduino and display 6cm longer.

That came out well! Need to see pictures of all the shiny gizmos working. Sorry it took so long to get to you.

That's really pretty! Gorgeous job ^_^
The Dark Kitten

That is very very very nice blaster! Props to ON for such an amazing job.
You are a luck lucky guy

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