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Rayven - Top-loadable turret alternative!

Part of the appeal of the Hammershot is that it's a front loader for late-game when mags for primaries are spent. Hence the appeal of Lawbringers, Fearless Fires etc.

Whilst you can replenish your Rayven mag through the open jam door, it's fiddly and takes too much time per dart whilst running about, trying to be aware of who else is firing foam your way.

So, out comes the dremmel and hack-saw!

Darts can now be loaded quickly and easily. Both my wife and I are right handed, which is why I only fully removed the left hand side and partially the other.

Whilst I had the blaster open, I removed electronic locks and other unnecessary bits and silicone greased moving parts. Higher grade wiring to be added later.

And no Jolt-mod would be complete without...

The Duct tape is layered with card to form a wedge (thick side at the top) correcting the known mag misalignment problem in Rayvens. The tops of inserted clips are now pushed slightly to the left of the blaster (front facing away from you), placing darts directly in front of the motors. It's not over clear from the photo, but if you compare it to how a mag sits in a stock Rayven, you'll see the difference!

Still not pretty (apart from the fact it's a Rayven!) Still not that original. But I think I'll enjoy using this throughout entire games, toploading as I go.

Additionally, there's no need to rotate a turret as you load and, as every dart is going into the same slot, I'll have to think less about what I'm doing and checking which barrels are empty.

Wiring upgrade and possibly worker flywheels to be added later.

Edit: I've also just realised that with a couple of extra millimeters shaved off the jam-door area of my minimised Rapidstrike, I'll be able to comfortably load that on the go effectively too.

Use Imgur, desktop version, then when you look at your picture select the size as "Large Thumbnail" then copy the complete BB code link. That gives you the right size pics and the code.

There's a guide here for imgur aswell as some of the other options (including the forum's semi-integrated "Add image to post" with option which uploads the image and dumps it into your post for you).

I don't know what the issue was, but went out for a swim, came back and it was working again. Bizzare machines, computers...

I'll take a look at Ignur as well. Thanks for the guide!

Re: Rayven - Top-loadable turret alternative!

Justajolt wrote:
whilst you can replenish your Rayven through the jam door...

Had no idea this was possible!!

Interesting stuff, i will be investigating this concept further with other blasters too.

Re: Rayven - Top-loadable turret alternative!

TommyC wrote:
Justajolt wrote:
whilst you can replenish your Rayven through the jam door...

Had no idea this was possible!!

Interesting stuff, i will be investigating this concept further with other blasters too.

Its entirely possible, and has been done before. Look at the Magnus. Only problem here is, you'll damage the dart forcing it through the feed lips of the magazine.

Valid argument.

Out comes the dremmel and round file.

These pictures are meant to show a dart-sized semi-circular hole filed into the back of the Rayven, allowing darts to be inserted directly into the modified mag.

Top and rear loadable.

A couple of 18 dart mags to get the similar treatment after a little more testing.

Great feedback! Keep it coming ^_^


1. Modded 6 dart mag works fine in a Rapidstrike.

2. With a little more filing to the Rayven, I may be able to rear-top-load without the need to shave off anything from other mags.

3. If needed, I may try shaving a little off a 12 dart mag next. The rear of the top dart in the 6 dart clip sits a little higher than the front, leading me to suspect that an 18 dart mag may tolerate less shaved off whilst containing all of its darts. Updates to come after experimentation.
The Dark Kitten

The general concept is amazing and especially for HvZ while scavenging.
I feel that it works better from a bullpup blaster as of the rear loading capacity.
When I do my next Stryfe I feel ill include it in the magwell (that is if it doesn't  mess up the internals.

Rewire complete!

I used 18 AWG for everything and a chinese soldering iron, stand and other bits >10 from ebay.

I'm really surprised at how much of a difference this has made to performance! It seems to shoot noticably harder (using the same 3 Efests plus dummy as before), but this just be the bias of my euphoria at having re-wired the things and having it still working.

Challenges encountered include:

1. Re-soldering wire to the rev switch. I'm guessing this is the kind of thing that gets easier with time and experience. The large tip on the iron I bought also contributed. It was tough getting the solder to do what I wanted it to do without making contact with other bits of metal on the switch case or other contacts.

2. Burning the motor casing (see black marks!)

3. Bending contacts from the battery tray back to solder wire and not being able to bend them back far enough to make a comfortable fit for the magwell insert. I initially forced the blaster back together and, whilst it did accept a mag, it was very tight. I opened it again and bent the contact all the way back to make the fit better.

4. Poor soldering resulting in one of the motor connections shaking loose whilst testing. Rectified with more solder!
The Dark Kitten

So will we be seeing this  at the upcoming Grim Up Nerf?

That's rather clever. When you think about it, it's not a rayven specific either, you could chop the top out of most (maybe all) flywheelers to get easy access, clear jams too. It'd be as ugly as hell mind  Laughing

Thought this Necro was justifiable since it's the same blaster and not really worth starting a new thread...

Opened this up the other day to put barricade motors in for GuN. I was amazed at what my soldering used to be like! BIG blobs everywhere.

With Barricade motors, it's now doing between 85 and 90 fps. It gets nearer a tonne every now and then too!

What are you powering that with?

Red Efests x3 ^_^

I'm going to try it with 4 for fun at some point.

I've also got some motors currently wired into a stryfe cage at the mo which might find their way into the Rayven shell with a 2S LiPo. They scream.

There's you doin this, but my EAT Jams when I try to slam fire and jams when firing normally.....I cant have the whole 12 darts in because there is a riot inside the gun once the mag is entered causing a Jazzy Jam Jam...

WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME!?!?!?!?!! I don't know if it's the blaster or I'm doing something wrong but I CANT BE. It's pretty crazy especially since I've barely used the thing (It's never seen a Nerf war).

How are the darts? In good condition?

Rab wrote:
How are the darts? In good condition?

Most are pretty much brand new Elite darts. (Proper Nerf ones)

Hang on we've went way off topic here, 😶

Start a new EAT jam thread in the  Q&A and im sure we'll  get to the bottom of it, stick in a description of whats happening to get things going.

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