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Realistic (ish) paint jobs

Hi Troops,

Looking to start a wee discussion to help me come up with a paint scheme for  the double dealer.

Im thinking of something more futuristic / post apocalyptic than the stock bright yellow 🍌

But im wondering what people think about semi realistic paint jobs?

Ive seen some cracking military looking ones in the pics section and Im also thinking steam punk designs might come into this too, even some of the bright colour hydro dips with tactical add ons dont look that toy like any more.  

One thing I'd thought was a keeping a fair bit of stock orange, with the rest being realistic, or is that just going to be weird?


I found it's all or nothing with realistic, any orange plastic just screams in comparison to any weathered areas, I would say go nuts. You have nothing to worry about legality wise, all our current events are on private property, so you will have places to use it. You can also do bright colours like orange with a weathered and realistic appearance like the yellow on the bumblebee blaster in the gallery.

Yeah as Old Noob says your not likely to get the SWAT team raiding the skate park so go for whatever you want Very Happy I always tend to go for at least some orange or bright colours on mine but Im mainly selling my blasters at public events and to a lot of kids so I don't know where they intend to play with them. When I finally get some time to paint my own loadout I think I might go Steampunk ish or Sci Fi ish more than full on realistic.

I like the worn sci fi look, I don't know when it happened but at some point over the last 20 years I've gone off guns and yet I find even fairly near future sci fi blasters cool.  I've got a steam Punk/Dr Who ish build lined up for the future because I think the idea of using analogue and bulbs maybe a fun contrast to the digital and LEDs I'm building on the next couple.

I think the Double Dealer is made for the Diesel Punk aesthetic though,  if you wanna go nuts,  the monsters from Pitch Black. Just saying.

Thanks guys,
This is exactly the info I'm looking for.

Half the problem is I'm not exactly sure what I want myself yet 😕

Yeah, I'm with you Minky, I think I want it to look like a realistic "blaster" rather than a realistic gun, which hopefully the general shape of the DD shell will help with anway.

Hadn't considered making coloured stuff weathered, good shout ON.

It needs to suit that wee mohawked doomlander dude shoot mutant canibals and space worms, so its got to look hardcore but not military spec.

Oh and hurry up and get that double lawbringer painted Al, dieing to see what you do with it.

Diesel punk /space cowboy suggestions please, off to google images now.😎


I personally like the fururistic style colour schemes that don't look like current weapons but are painted in a realistic style with weathering etc. (one day I might actually get round to doing one) This also allows gives you a little more freedom with extra's such as any LED lights you might want to really make it pop.

This way you'll never have the nagging feeling in the back of your mind that there could be an issue with your blaster and the general public.

I'm sure your google-fu has shown you this but I would much prefer something like this to a "realistic" looking gun.

Those look ace, I like that space trooper look.

But, I'm thinking now though that I really want to go for the mad max / doomsday type look so it probably wont be totally public friendly.  

However as mentioned earlier that wont really be an issue.

That wee doomlander dude, likes green and so do I, so its going to be a dark mettalic green, with some steel looking bits and pieces with the odd bit of red. All pretty dark looking though.

Thanks for the help folks.

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