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Rebelle fearless flyer = effective Speed HvZ blaster

i know, its stupid but listen me out

Its NOT effective for week long HvZ but when playing the speed rules it might work.

I will show you how!

-Front loading
-20 dart open drum
-Flywheel master race
-Elite Performance
-Slightly to small but you can get used to that
-Fixed foregrip and comfy stock
-Cheap as heck, got one for my sister 22

Now do you see!?!

Its great(apart from the paint job) Would like to hear your opinions on this?


Yea sort of makes sense. A MOD'd Barricade or Stockade does the same thing, but I guess the Fearless fire gives you better capacity for a large horde.

Justajolts top loading Reyven may challenge that though.

As for the paint job, that's easily fixed.

Basically it is entirely down to the person using the blaster and their personal choice, what might work for me might not work for you and vice versa

Glad you've found something that works for you. I'll repeat my oft mentioned mantra: 90% player, 10% equipment. I've seen day long wars won with a pair of jolts. You can have all the best kit in the world but if your situational awareness is fucked, you can't run for toffee or are just generally a bit thick or panicky, you're screwed. Smile

I dont need no convincing 😎

I've one in the garage that I really need to look into modding, its going to be a great blaster for FDT skatepark events.

Think this one might go to my girl though as Ive snagged myself a swarmfire!!!

Only 17 quid here.

Paging Northwind 😉

My daughter got a fearless fire for her birthday, but she never gets to use it, because her younger sister steals it, and its always packed for GuN

Its a VERY popular blaster at GuN, regardless of what round is been played.

Personally, i love it, its the right size and weight  for me, and i think it fills that high capacity front loader flywheel role brilliantly, much better than a stockade (only thing I can compare it too)

I love the idea! It would be like my barricade but better: 100fps but with 20 Dart capacity.

I say do it!

yea, my sister tried to use hers(annoyingly her only Nerf blaster) but we stuck 4 AAs in it and it wouldn't rev. We think a lock has been triggered internally but we don't know which

You should have said! We had spare imr's yesterday, and tools to fix stuff

Oh RIP will bring it august if thats fine

Great or terrible idea?


Ha! Great and Terrible.

Love a double question.

Shows I need to read more thoroughly as I had even answered the poll without realising the mistake.

I'm confused

BaylissLad wrote:
I'm confused

Are you confused about the thread or about life?

You may only answer yes or no.


I understand what you are saying, but where was the double question?

No you are confused about life or the thread?

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