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Recon 2 OEM-plus look

Something I've been putting together for a little while, finally got the last part today so it's at Stage 1 Finished (the stage where you've built a usable thing but you know you're going to take it apart again soon). No glorious paint or mental shell work here, something a little different, working stock parts hard.

I was building a retal but when I saw the Recon 2 I had to have it, I just love the shape and colours.  And I've got a bit of a thing about scratching paint, it's absolutely guaranteed that the day I finish any bit of paint I'll drop it on concrete and I plan to game with this so I figured, keep it stock, stock plastic carries damage better.

But not too stock  Laughing So on with a gavinfuzzy pump. Barrel o'course is a white retal, with the stripes painted over- only new paint on it. It's not a perfect match, I could've done better there but it's reasonably close. I threw a recon inner barrel into it on general principles.

I couldn't decide on a stock, the modulus ones just don't suit it, my white Worker was alright but I don't think it suits the shell... so I was in the process of combining a Tornadostrike stock (white shaft) and a painted Raider back end, when up popped this white Praxis on ebay. Perfect. I didn't even know they existed!

Internally, once I figured out how to fix the Recon 2's nerfed performance by plastic welding the blowholes on the bolt, it was pretty simple- locks out and a 7kg OMW spring and catch spring, everything else is stock. It's a little underwhelming performance-wise, perhaps from barrel drag, I got an average of 94.1 fps with new koosh. But not too shabby.

Next steps... It needs a little mod on the top of the shell to get the silhouette right, once I get my 3d printer mojo going I'll do it a top rail and it'll probably gain a modulus scope. The pump siderails may get paint. The praxis stock is a little flexy so I may replace the bars with metal, and squeeze a little extra length into it to boot. And I have an Aitch Attachments slamfire kit which may or may not fit it. But that's pretty much it I think. I might need to experiment with a recon bolt (ever so slightly different) or other ways of adding a little performance, but it does what I wanted so that's a win.

Looks really nice! As for performance, maybe a breech? As much as an omw stage 2 doesn't really benefit the retaliator much it may boost a recon a little more. Also, a gavinfuzzy ak sight and muzzle would really look nice printed in orange on that thing.

A stock Retaliator bolt would be better than the woeful S2 one. That one costs at least 3-5fps average from its rubbish dart fit.
The Recon one has a different lower edge profile which does aid reliability by loading the dart more smoothly into the bolt and not snagging on the dart below. In many ways being able to shoot reliably and faster is worth the few FPS the recon design sacrifices VS the Retal.

I'm not sure my arms are strong enough to slam fire a 7kg spring load in my retaliator - but that could just be me being a southern Jessie 😀

Nice build. You know I have a soft spot for any retaliator.

To tweak mine some I added a short length of cpvc to the breech to improve the initial dart seal. Not as complicated as a full breech and meant I could leave in the air restrictor. Will be chronographing it on Saturday.

Dur. I just had a look and it actually has a retaliator breech in it  Embarassed I thought I'd swapped that back out. Now I wonder where I left the recon bits?

Thanks for thoughts on performance. I'm assuming most retaliator fps readings are done with no barrel extension so I guess that's where my missing FPS are stuck. Totally worth it obviously... I did think about a big bore barrel but reports seem pretty varied on that, one for a rainy sunday, I have a couple of centurion and vulcan barrels lying about. I could work on the dart seal but it needs to shoot kooshes so I think that rules out a full brass breech...

The dart seal I put in only goes into the bolt so shoots koosh just fine.

I should take some pictures at some point and post them up.

old_man_nerf wrote:
I'm not sure my arms are strong enough to slam fire a 7kg spring load in my retaliator - but that could just be me being a southern Jessie 😀

Trust me, you buff up in no time. I used to struggle with my 5kg Nitefinder and now the 10's no trouble.

That looks great.

I might try something similar in the future

Regarding getting rid of the flexiness of the stock, here's my take on the usual 16mm pipe mod;

I ordered some Clear acrylic tube from ebay so the orange stem could still be seen.

Worked out quite well

I like that... I replaced all the tubes in a recon stock with 10mm alu bar and extended it a bit, for another blaster, so I'm thinking I'll just do the same here.

I like that, a lot.  Very cool looking, and well done on getting the look just right too.

Seiryuu wrote:

Trust me, you buff up in no time. I used to struggle with my 5kg Nitefinder and now the 10's no trouble.

Slight difference between a single pull 10kg and slam firing a 7kg spring, even with a pump grip fitted......

Very nice mod,
A white praxis eh? Weird

The blaster's lovely too. Could use a little more orange. This isn't mine but,

Matches my pyragon

Love the look of this, really want to do something similar to my Mk2.

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