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Reinforced Modulus Stock

So, my demolisher currently uses a painted recon stock, to give me an extra clip, though a 6 clip is of minimal use. Having seen Drac's review vid of the 3dprintedsolid zurgernbrecher stock, I knew I wanted one. And then I looked at the cost... and the shipping!!!

I decided that since a modulus was a similar price, without the shipping and I could get one a lot easier and quicker i'd just get one for the stock, with its clip storage, and managed to find one on ebay for a steal at 15!

I watched vids on how others have reinforced their stocks, and noticed that there is usually still some movement, so I decided to use a similar technique, applied differently on my stock:


Looks good! How are the reinforcing pieces held in, glue or screws in the ends?

You may have just inspired me to dig out mine and improve it! Smile


Ok, just zoomed in and can see the beads of glue...

I cut them all bigger, then slowly filed them down, constantly checking, so they hold themselves in with friction, but theres some glue as well to give it a bit more hold.

That looks much neater than the usual "throw plastic pipe and hot glue" approach so beautifully showcased online. Well done. Your Demo went 1st class yesterday so you should have something to put that stock on by next week.

I'm not overly familiar with the modulus stuff so to my eye I can't even tell which bits you have put in. Good work!

Ivw learnt recently that with 75% of the stuff you see online, there is a better way of doing it.

It just has the orange bits normally, fairly soft plastic, very floppy, the nobacon guys have a great vid of it wobbling. The black pipes are added, most people online slide it over the orange bit, so there's usually a bit of movement still.

I have some solid aluminium bar to play with so i'll try some experiments with that.

And the stock in situ on the upgraded demolisher:

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