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removing Paint

Hi all,

I just won some magazines on ebay  So will finally have some legit 18's. (littertaly just so wont arrive for a while) in preperation thoutht i would pick the hivemind it looks like the previous owner had spray painted them. Is there an easy way or removing it you know of without damaging the plastic underneath. or is it best to just live with it.

Pic of the ones i won  

EDIT: to fix pic

On the image matey you want to view the pic on imgur, press on it, share direct link, copy to clipboard, back to the forum, edit your post, paste the direct link over the one you have, take the spaces out between the link and the square brackets at start and end, add a 'l' (lower case L) at the end of the link before the last full stop (so ' l.jpeg ' or whatever it is.. Simples at least that's how it I on an Android tab with imgur app. There's a stickied thread explaining most of that.

Took me a while to get used to it.. Kept sharing the Gallery link rather than the image

thanks for the tip fixed the image now

Sand r down

Depending on what type of paint they used, a carefully selected solvent will be best. Try white or methylated spirits first off as these won't attack the plastic. In the likelihood that these don't touch it you can either get more aggressive with the solvent or resort to the sandpaper.

You could try PQ18 for plastics which should remove most things. It won't scar or melt the surface but you do have to soak it and it's pretty expensive.
I never buy painted mags because they are next to impossible to clean up. If you have no joy I could use them to test my blast cleaner with walnut shell blast media, it might make them slightly clouded vs fully clean as I haven't tried it on transparent plastics.

I would just repaint in a style to suit me, would be a hell of a lot of work to get them looking anything like stock again.

If I can get my blast cleaning technique down it will be about 10 mins per blaster/mag in the blasting cabinet.

OldNoob wrote:
in the blasting cabinet.

Just had to google "Blasting Cabinet" Wow they look awesome, giving me ideas here, wonder if I could squeeze one into the corner of the garage Very Happy No wonder you can do it 10 mins Very Happy

I got mine from a garage that went bust, we built the other one in my shop. You need a big compressor for them though.
I haven't found another method of paint removal on Nerf stuff that is really successful.

Thanks all Ill try the solvent methods then ill have a go that way first.

Ive used car brake fluid before with great results and it doesnt damage the plastic.
My brother also uses it for his second hand badly painted warhammer models

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