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Rewiring other pusher based flywheel blasters.

So, I now have a Nitron, Khaos and Mastodon all of which I intend to rewire for 3S.  With the exception of the Nitron getting a 180 for the pusher my understanding is they can run fine on the stock motors.  

Question is, from a circuit diagram perspective do I treat them the same as a Rapid Strike or are there significant differences I'm missing?

(FYI I'm using the MTB RS rewire video as a guide, thus leaving out the third pusher return switch. It's worked fine for my two RSs.)

It's been years since I looked inside a Nitron and understanding and practices have changed since then.

I've not opened a Khaos yet but the Mastodon is basically a Rapidstrike as far as wiring is concerned.

The Nitron can be done like a proper RS, the third switch goes on the comically large pusher arm.
As you are wiring like a peasant, without the third switch, check Bobololo's Boom Nitron 2.0 video on the nitron. No idea about the Khaos or Mastabator as neither interests me.
Link to video.

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