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Rival Bawls - A cheap alternative!

So with knock off Rival balls being so hit and miss, I was considering just buying purely Nerf brand ones and slowly building up a collection of them.

Then I spotted these:

100pcs Refill Replace Bullet Balls for Nerf Rival Apollo Zeus Children Toy

Being fairly cheap I thought I'd give them a test so ordered 100 of orange, green and red.

Postage took around 3 weeks but upon arrival I was very impressed with them! The quality is brilliant and there were only 2 defects out of the whole lot! (Both red, by defect I mean too hard, soft or disfigured).
With official Nerf rounds I've found 1 in 50 to be defective so a better ratio!
I would say at the very least they rival the quality of Nerf brand ones (haha, get it?).

I gave them a test run at both this months FDT The Works and GuN with them being used in the Apollo, Artemis, Zeus and Nemesis with no issues!

I've fired at least 2000-3000 rounds through my nemesis so far (god help me) and they're still going strong, whilst I may have lost some, none have had to been thrown away.

Should anyone be looking to expand their rival ammo I would highly recommend these!
I've ordered 400 more myself in orange and I know Old Man Nerf has purchased some too for the GuN pool.


I may have to get a stock of these too, for the inevitable purchase of a Nemesis !!!!

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