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Rival Khaos Official Battery Upgrade

So because I watch quite a lot of Nerf videos on YouTube, my phone occasionally alerts me to new Nerf videos. Last night I got alerted about this one, which, while it's about the Rival Khaos and while Rival blasters don't interest me currently, I think the future implications for other battery operated Nerf blasters could be quite interesting.

If you can't be bothered to watch the video, basically Hasbro are now producing an aftermarket rechargeable cell designed to fit into the Khaos blaster, to stop you needing to spend a fortune on D cells/modding the electrics.

The results were impressive: quicker rev-up time, greater ROF and better FPS, and significantly lighter blaster weight - all for an extra 30 dollars or so. No buggering about with fitting new cells or wiring; just drop in the dedicated pack and start shooting. Granted, once you've bought the already quite expensive blaster you've then got to shell out more money, and life would be easier if Hasbro just supplied it with the upgraded cell pack, but it's a quick and easy upgrade nonetheless.

So yeah, this may only be for the Khaos at this point, but could it mean that Hasbro has realised that more serious Nerfers are modding their blasters, and are looking to get in on the market? Could we see more "upgrade cell packs" for other blasters; from the Stryfe and Rapidstrike, through to the Mastodon and Rhinofire? Could it be Hasbro trying to be seen as a "green" company by reducing the need for disposable cells and implementing rechargeable cells as standard in the future?

All I know is that it sounds exciting at this point. I know I have a hell of a lot of blasters, and not enough time to spend modding even a couple of the basic springers, let alone investing loads of time in upgrading batteries, motors and wiring; so I welcome simple and easy upgrades like this.

I think its possibly something they will keep for the rival line as its aimed at a slightly older market.

Good nonetheless though.

They won't do packs for non Rival blasters. They have absolutely zero interest in modding as a market.
The Khaos is a prime candidate since it's comical appetite for D cells and large physical size mean it's easy to make a nimh for.
You also won't see any Nimh for AA trays as consumer cells do those.
For the cost of this in the U.K. you could buy all the wire, MOSFETS and a 3s lipo with basic charger, giving much better results. Even sticking an RC Nimh on the end if the stock loom would work as well or better for less money.

The khaos needs spare magazines to be sold seperately before I will consider buying one

I think its possibly something they will keep for the rival line as its aimed at a slightly older market.

Aye, but it'd be nice to see them do it for some of the current blasters that require lots of big cells, like the Rhino, Hyperfire, or Mastodon. Hell, if they did it as standard and added 15-20 to the RRP I'm sure it'd actually encourage parents to invest in these blasters more, because of the rechargeable element. It doesn't even have to be about the upgraded performance for them (though it's a nifty bonus for the likes of us).

I know that the 2 Havoks and the Rhino I've picked up cheap in the past few months had been sold predominantly because the kid/parent wasn't prepared to keep shelling out for D cells every other week, so the blasters just weren't getting used that much. And with the volume of toys that are now rechargeable as standard, it'd make sense for Hasbro to follow the market trend.

Maybe it won't be something that'll be retro-introduced for existing blasters, but will start to be incorporated into the design of future blasters?

They still have a partnership ad deal with Duracell.

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