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Rival Masks - Thoughts

With the ever increasing Rival range, the potential and extensive mods being made on all types of blasters to increase FPS, protective eyewear/masks are becoming more and more of a consideration when it comes to attending Nerf wars or considering using these more powerful blasters.

So upon inspection I see things such as the Rival masks and wondered how well they perform/cost to effectiveness ratio and general aesthetic.

Anyone have much experience with these products? Or recommend other protective wear they use in nerfing? Do people prefer masks or goggles? Disposable and cheap or invest and long lasting?

Just grabbing an idea on the communities attitudes and practices on safety


For a very long time the NIC here in the US has simply used standard ballistic safety glasses, the kind you can get at the hardware store. They use waaaaaayy more dangerous rounds (stefans/slugs) so I think you would be fine with ballistic glasses. They're also quite cheap, which is a definite benefit.

Rival masks may not have a British Standard rating for impact. We have a basic requirement for BS safety specs and the rest is up to the user. Exceeding impact standard B illustrated here won't happen at any games set up by this forum. Rival masks are a fairly low end form of protection, without any anti fog or anti scratch coating. Power tool masks like this offer much higher standards of protection for similar cost. Good quality wire masks are great if you want cooling and visored helmets are handy if you need long term eye pro.
Rival is under 1j @100fps and the HIR is unstable over 120fps. .50 cal darts with hard heads like the frankly shocking ACC V2 are far more dangerous. That is why our indoor/outdoor games control darts by having a pool and why many hard tip darts are banned at outdoor park events.
There are several excellent posts about eye wear choices, use the forum search facility.

I agree with the above posts, but would like to add my experience using a Rival Mask.

I found one in a Smyths for 5 reduced out of packaging (ex dislay or return?). Being a bit of a wuss, I enjoy not being stung in the face by 100+ FPS blaster and having the extra protection which regular glasses don't provide.

If you find them cheaply, why not, and for Nerfing, I can't imagine anything but the most ridiculous of blasters doing you any damage through it. It's not "cutting edge", but works for my purposes. Also makes collecting darts after parties by standing in a corner and giving the kids two minutes to hit you as many times as they can less intimidating!

I've got a rival mask and I've found because it sticks out away from my face at the sides it makes it the most comfortable eye protection I can wear with my normal glasses on underneath.

I forgot about glasses wearers, that is a fair point.

If I need to wear glasses and eye protection I wear my oakleys. But I look like an absolute fud Laughing Contacts and cheap safety glasses ftw.

Thought I might grab one to keep in the bag for my daughter if we're in a war with a lot of modded blasters, no one likes getting hit in the face.

And I thought these might fit kids better

For Nerf even the cheapest safety specs and airsoft goggles on ebay should do the job so you are spoiled for choice.

For those of us with glasses you can also get goggles that fit over glasses or have slots for lenses to be fitted (which you can do relatively cheaply if you have your prescription) or even get impact resistant prescription lens in your regular glasses.

for example only - ten pounds on ebay for a sports set with inner frames to have your own lenses put into.

I'll be running a set of Oakley MX goggles for wars. Plenty of peripheral vision, anti-fog (when it works), impact resistant, and offering a bit more coverage than your usual glasses.

Slightly OT but if you want better anti-fog you could try the enduro lens- it's like a double-glazed snow lens but not as full on. Brilliant bit of kit, it does cut the field of vision a little though

I currently use my 100% MTB downhill goggles for GuN mainly because thats what i had to hand when I first started.
They are extremely comfortable with clear and wide field of veiw and of coarse have vents for anti-fog. Although i do look a bit of a tit in photos and vids with them on (you can certainly pick out of a crowd). But ha ho its all fun.

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