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Rotofury cylinder

Hoping this is the right place for this question.

Does anyone make (I assume 3D printed) rotofury cylinders with a higher capacity for elite darts? I could just rebarrel it for elites, but it feels like a waste of space when it could fit maybe 15 darts or so.


Moved from modifications. A question is a question is a question.



I've never seen one anywhere but the main problem is the priming bar that passes through the centre of the cylinder is glued together (or at least mine is) so it would be quite hard to get a replacement cylinder in the gun and functioning

I've stuck a 6kg spring in mine and had a go at trying to get the cylinder / priming bar apart, I gave up within a minute as though it would be easy enough to get it in bits... getting it back together with it actually being strong enough to work would be pretty hard

Rotation mechs get quite fiddly too I gather- it's beyond the resolution I can print at atm (if you want a 20mm cube I'm your man...) but it does seem an obvious product for someone to get into, considering how popular rebarreling the things is.

Or shotgun it like the cylcloneshock spamcannon.  Laughing

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