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Rotofury spring replacement observations

I've had a good few days of doing minor mods ahead of Grim Up Nerf, from painting a stock, to fixing my EAT clip alignment issue, but the big goal was always putting a new spring in the rotofury

I need to say a big thanks to OldNoob who was around a lot on the Discord chat recently and gave me advice and pointers that proved useful.

First of all, I'm using a Blasterparts spring. I was planning on ordering a BSUK one, but for some reason the site didn't like me that day… as far as I know, both are 6 kg springs, so it should be an interesting shoot out the next time someone with a bsuk one comes to GuN.

Opening it up: there are a lot of long screws. I struggled with them a bit as I was expecting normal Nerf shell screws and did the usual few twists that should free them, and was shocked the shell didn't seperate… they have to come fully out. The handle sides are screwed in on the inside of their half, don't worry about trying to unscrew this. There is a screw at the front under the handle.

Gear cage: you need to open this up to do any thing, and OldNoob had warned me about its ‘temperamental behaviour’. Even forewarned, the orange bit behind the trigger sprang off into the dark recesses of my workshop. There are only two screws holding the cage down, but I had already decided, and OldNoob reinforced the decision to add a screw to the top hole.

Underneath the gear train there are 3 bits that can be removed. The orange bit behind the trigger, interacts with the creamy coloured but beneath it, and holds this peg down allowing the priming action to return to the front. Either removed it, or make sure you didn't lose its spring.
The other bit is above the rod, a white bar with a large peg, this stops the rod being moved back once primed as far as I can see. All 3 parts looked to be part of the slam fire system.

Replacing the spring: take off the plunger tube, and unscrew the white bit at the back end of the rod. Lift the whole brown as buy out, fit the new spring. In the case of the one, it's a lot longer than the stock spring.
Now comes the fun bit of trying to get the rod back in… OldNoob says he uses cable ties, I used paracord in order to hold the spring back and place the brown tray in so it's about 1.5 pegs in the the cog.

Soothing off the catch: for me, the blaster would fire fine in slam fire, but fail to catch otherwise. I had to carefully remove the front part of the catch mechanism from its torsion spring,  sand the top edge down so it was ever so slightly angled, and refit it

Thanks for writing that up.
My one runs the BSUK Spring, it's uncompressed length is shorter, which helps fitting a little but it's still worth shaving the catch a little to help it lock in earlier in the stroke.
The mechanism on the Rotofury is a bastard to work on and I couldn't get it to work with the mod spring AND spam fire. I never use that anyway so it was no great loss. Power is much improved too.

Hmmn, I might have well blanked this from my memory but I cant think of any issues with my BSUK spring upgrade to the rotofury, my slamfire still works too.

I did watch Rob from SBNC extra long mod guide, so that probably kept me right.

Good job to all off you on successfully modding it. Mine are now sitting in a box until I have some desire to mod them, which is not any time in the foreseeable future. Several hours of failure and not putting the gear box cover on when finally putting it together correctly, and resulting in more failure, isn't exactly motivational.

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