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Roughcut 4x2 safe spring upgrade

Hey all, I'm planning on upgrading the spring in a Roughcut but note that due to it's gear priming mech it can be susceptible to stripping the gears if you ask too much of it.  Has anyone got experience of doing the mod and have you had any problems such as this?  Or any thoughts on what may be a spring weight that won't significantly reduce the life of the blaster?


Every spring modded roughcut I have ever seen broke the gears at some point, usually quickly.
You can get power and improved reliability by using 17/32 brass in the barrels, cut just longer than the stock one, this holds the darts in place better as well.

That's brilliant. Thank you. Could you tell me if I just made a faux pas by sticking this in Q&A rather than modifications?  I thought the modifications forum was for guides/finished product but then I saw questions in there also.

No, it's definitely a question. If you had built something then it would be a modification.

Ive still not got round to opening mine up but i think theres some air release holes that can be plugged too.

The top two barrels on each side have an air release hole, plugging it make a big difference to the performance on those shots.

I tried the BSUK replacement gears/springs and had trouble getting it to prime reliably, so went back to stock.

A word of warning with opening it up, make sure you get everything back in perfectly, I haven't and one side won't fire in a slamfire attempt, that then causes the gear train to jam, which then means opening it up

With 17/32 rebarreling should I take out the dart pegs?
Also,  is there a good way to cover the brass ends to make it Larp safe?
daniel k

DO NOT REMOVE THE AIR RESTRICTORS. You will shoot 8 darts at once instead of 4 shots of 2.

Yup. Seen that, and although an amusing way to enter a room, I won't be going for an 8 shot sawn off (though I am trying for 4x2 (..derailing myself, does anyone else think that Hasbro misnamed it 2x4? It should have been 4x2 from the start, right? They should have everything they make grammar checked before they're released. Tools.))

I'm talking specifically the dart pegs, the mod I'm copying a bit of has them taken off but they wanted it to fire Stefans but I am not fussed, but now I'm wondering whether if I don't take them off then the grip between the pegs and then brass may cost me.

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